Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 6 report

Hi Folk,

Here is this week's update and attached short movies on several emails.

Well they are 6 weeks old now and this week they will get their injections, microchip and full vet check to make sure they are up to scratch.

They are spending loads more time awake, what looks like fighting or growling at each other and strutting around the box.  In reality this is a very important stage as it is when they learn their socialization skills and defensive behavior. 

If I said that they are cute believe me that is an understatement and time wasters being fed then topped up by hand individually to make sure their little tummies are just like a fully blown up balloon and not a half deflated one.  They squirm and fight when their full, just like our kids used did. 

They play with toys and snuggle into each other when cold.  Next week they will get some time out in the outside pens with their mum and then on their own and also get to try some rehydrated dry puppy food and gradually lead up to straight dry food all getting them well prepared for their home coming and different foods that they may get.

As I write they are eating a mixture of rehydrated Puppy dry food, milk supplement farax and calcium supplement and a special log I get for them Beef or chicken and vegs mainly, starting them off on the mix of Farax, Ground up puppy Biscuits, and special puppy milk supplement.  Special note never give them onions, milk, sugars, chocolate, or grapes (incl. dried saltanas etc) as these are really bad for them and their potential to develop as it should.

Here are some movies and today I am attaching a set of notes on stuff we have found of value in dealing with our dogs of what you could find handy without spending a fortune.  When a new pet owner goes into a pet store it is really an opportunity for the pet store sales person to load a whole lot of stuff on the new owner.  It’s a lot like holding an open wallet and saying how much would you like so this is designed to give you a look at what we use and find valuable and you need no more to start with.  If you start off with a minimum and then work up from there gradually I feel is the best way to go.

A small question for you to help me help you pick the best puppy to meet your expectations.
I am sure any one would make you happy but what this is designed to do is to try and lift that from a good pup for you to the one that most perfectly fits your desires and expectations.

Would you please give some serious thought as to the aspects of a puppy you most desire and just what you hope puppy to do for the or with the family give me some idea of exactly the family and what each member is like and would enjoy doing going for a run, sleeping with the pup on the couch or all the myriad of things in between.  This will then help me understand your family better. 

Please understand that whilst you may well have told me much of this before since that time I have probably had 200 phone calls with people telling me similar stuff and I don’t want to get your profiles mixed up.  Since Julia Gillard got her Cavoodle from Tim the phone has run hot and most I wouldn’t sell one of ours to because they have come on heat on the spur of the moment and could just as easy go cold as quick and dump her at the pound or worse.

There are some short movies attached and as the program I’m using doesn’t like big files I will send them in several emails hope you enjoy them as they are much more active this week and learning their socializing skills. 

Very best regards


I think I emailed and told you that they all are looking very good getting their check up this week and should be ready to pick up on or about the 26th Australia Day.  If yours has to be air freighted and we haven't made arrangements yet please be in contact soon so those details can be attended to so there are no delays.

First click on the white arrow at the left bottom 
If you then click on the 4 small arrows in the bottom right corner after it then opens to a full screen and to come back press the escape button
Sleepy heads

Playing, Feeding, moving around

Tired, Full Tummy, Playing

Playing, Fighting learning doggy social skills

Even a cold wheat bag is a big hit and great comfort

Eating rehydrated  puppy food, dry doesn't always go through them quite so well so it is better to rehydrate it and gradually mix in a little dryer and dryer till it is all dry but make sure puppy has good access to water because it sucks the moisture out of their stomach and they have to learn to drink whilst eating dry.

At about 4-5 months I introduce them to 4X2 biscuits chopped up into smaller pieces.

Here are some photos of the Pups just taken as the sun went down hope it helps those getting a pup next week pick out the ones they like and and from your info I'll be watching for those that best meet your expectations.

Please enjoy

Now meet Bella
Bella has been chosen by Eve who was first on the list and will be going to a loving home where young Zac will have a new companion
Note the framing around her eyes starting to develop 
A side shot to show her size in comparison to the othes

Last shot of Bella and I must say that none of these puppies were very happy as they were asleep and at 5 pm they had their needles and microchipping and it is a huge needle that hurts so they came home had a feed and went to sleep. We'll get a peaceful sleep tonight

 Now meet Annabel Annabell was was the second born and is just slightly lighter than Bella

Now Meet Alice
Alice was third born and is also the largest or hungriest of the pups, she is also the lightest colour, just slightly

 she's also sooky after those needles that hurt

Now the last meet Jule
We are calling her this because she is Julia's favourite

Jule is a deep red so if you want a red head this could be an opportunity

Jule has a slightly overshot lip where the top goes out s little past the bottom.
This is nothing to worry about as it grows out past the bottom and then the bottom goes out past it.  I discussed this with the vet who simply put it no worries.  In the show they know that their mouths do a lot of growing and the jaws go out and back till about the second year. She's a lovely strong little pup.

This is why they cry the first night, look how they sleep together, incredibly close to each other.
Well that's it folks hope you enjoyed it as they are now just starting to develop their own personalities.

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