Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is an update I’ve been trying to get to for some time as there is positive news all round and I want to bring everyone on to the same page so you can make your plans as to what suits you best.  I very much appreciate that some of you have been waiting for a long time and by using this blog I hope to help you enjoy by sharing the breeding process and because of circumstances beyond my control outside issues have been totally absorbing on my time so I'm trying to catch up now.

I don’t want you to lock these dates in cement just yet as the young girls are just starting to come into their breeding cycle and you girls will know how variable that can be then some of you may wish for any reason eg colour or sex within the litter others may have a tempory change in circumstances that makes the timing bad for that situation so to drop back a litter leaves a space for someone to come forward.  If you have such a situation arise don't think it will be a problem as it is a win for someone else to get their puppy earlier and puts yours into a timing where you too can enjoy the new pup better too.  Whilst I have checked all my own dates someone just could find a discrepancy but this is how things are starting to shape up for Alice’s then Ginger’s litters and there could be one and possibly 3 more litters in the foreseeable future

Name          Position in the Que           Mum& or Dad     Expect Delivery Dt?

Raina                                  Ginger & Skoota                  15/1/13
Sharron                          Alice/ Bobby                               15/12/12
Denise                              Ginger & Skoota                      15/1/13
Julie-Anne                     Alice/ Bobby                         15/12/12
(Brian & Michelle         Alice/ Bobby                            15/12/12
         (Alternatively           Ginger & Skoota               15/1/13
Lisa & Greg                      This one depends on how many puppies Ginger has and if anyone from Ginger’s wants a litter roll back a litter for any reason but they look like being last in Gingers or up front in Lisa’s litter which means either a 15th or 23rd January 2013 assuming Lisa is pregnant and we won’t have that confirmed for another 3-4 weeks.
Note: Lisa looks to have had a successful mating and lock on but it hasn’t been confirmed by ultrasound and don't forget that if we don't get as many pups in each litter and these are all maiden pregnancies so we are counting on smaller than normal litters but any smaller or larger numbers will affect the litter you are in.

Kris & Tony                                Lisa &; Jock                        23/1/13
Tracey   E                                   Lisa & Jock                        23/1/13
Carolyn B                                   Lisa &  Jock                        23/1/13
Mary & Stewart’s pup is dependent on the number of pups in each  Lisa & Jock                      23/1/13???  Guys I only accepted your place in the waiting list because you are returning clients wanting another pup for your mum and whilst Lias isn't yet confirmed I am also waiting on Honey and Sweety pie  cycling.  This will be the last litter for Honey and from memory I think Honey was your Robbies mum so there could be some sentimental stuff there if there are smaller litters.

I have set this out to give you some idea as to when and what I see as a reasonable timetable for Alice and Ginger's litters as up to date I have been cagy as to when because it was likely to be depending on when too many factors come together
  The normal seems to be working as when one girl comes into season her hormone (smells) seem to bring the others on and often they all cycle soon after.  These girls are quite a way behind time but such is life when we are counting on females coming into season.  Some come early others late whilst some are as regular as clockworks so it is impossible to project with any accuracy, sorry about that but it is now starting to happen with vengeance.

Hope you all enjoy the photos and it would be a good idea to go back and read the early postings as they contain some valuable info you possible have forgotten and stuff to get before you bring them home.
Enjoy these photos.  Alice’s Puppies are now 3 weeks old and you can see how much they have grown.  Whilst her first I cannot fault the little girl as she’s doing a wonderful job with her babies, very maternal.

Alice's Litter soon after birth.

I am extremely happy with Alices natural mothering skills and qualities, she has a good milk supply and we can almost see her puppies grow daily.  It will be interesting for you and your kids to be able to track and see how they change.  This last week their eyes are opened and they are starting to walk on all fours instead of an awkward sort of breast stroke around the whelping box.

Sorry some are a bit blurry from movement but you can still see the important aspects.

Now to bring you right up to date here are some photos from yesterday and you can see just how they have grown in 2 weeks.  Alice is putting everything into her duties as a mum and is super attentive guarding and caring for them often sleeping with 4 bubs latched on to the milk bar.

This week has seen major developments and changes with eyes opening and walking on all 4s.

In one close up of the face you will notice that the fur on his face is wet from a feed of mum and he is putting on the beef.
Just looking at the Pups one can see easily how much they have grown in a fortnight

I hope you enjoy these photos.

I know some people don't like black and others just love black but I must admit Black hasn't been my favourite colour but these boys are simply adorable and they have won my heart over.

Very best regards and thanks for waiting so patiently, your rewards are not so far off now and getting closer.


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