Friday, May 23, 2014

Fully Sold Out and This Will be Ladies Last

A delightful Lady who is also one of my protégé breeders, Pat, is following the how we bred our dogs and has bought our breeding stock has a litter on the way from her beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, “Lady” and “Buddy” a gorgeous toy poodle with a personality to match his good looks.  

Lady is out of our Gabby a fantastic Mum and she not only inherited her good health but also her temperament and mothering skills.  She just puts her all into her babies so that she has very healthy babies and happy puppies are always healthy babies never the sickly ones so health is so important.  Over the years we sorted out their genetics to see no inbreeding crept in to ensure that every possible precaution was taken to minimise the chances of genetically inherited diseases being passed on and selectively only kept the those with the best temperament and health to breed with.

One of the first things we were absolutely insistent on is that the girls get a full year to recuperate and build up the mineral levels and her immune also get in them in perfect shape as if she doesn’t have it in her when she falls pregnant she can’t give it to her babies.

Pat like us is very attached to her two dogs Lady and Buddy so she also wants to have her dogs around and healthy with minimum vet costs so she can enjoy her girls for every day of their lives.
This will only be Lady’s second litter and Buddy sired them both.  In the last litter Lady had four beautiful girls and one spectacular little boy. These puppies went to all parts of Australia  one going to Qld, one to Vic, one to SA, and one stayed in NSW. The remaining girl was exported to Dubai.  Rosy is now a cherished pet living in the lap of luxury in Dubai, she goes to the groomers and even gets her nails polished.

Lady's next litter of puppies are due around 19th June 2014.

The following are emailed photos from the folk in Dubai of their Rosy with the family and photo's of her siblings when they were little.  Rosy is almost 12 months old so you can get an idea of size and what they look like as they mature.  As an aside it costs them the world to import overseas animals and they found this blog and couldn’t find anyone else that bred Cavoodles and goes to the degree of trouble we went to, to get the same quality and conformity between siblings we see that there is no inbreeding and by the time we had to keep her here till she was 4 months old and the inoculations she had to have way over what they need when staying here then the Transportation cost etc she cost them over $4,000 and they reckon that on a world comparison they got very good value.  The way she settled in to their lifestyle and family culture also how she interacts with the family and guards their new baby she is truly now one of their family.

The process is that if you are interested Pat requires a $100 deposit and will only take 5 deposits and the picking rights are in the order of the deposits hitting her bank a/c, first in gets first pick and so on. The deposit comes off the purchase price and guarantees your spot on the selection order.

This is Rosy on the sand dunes in Dubai.  She's adapted well to the climate and is a serious entertainer of the children.  She's about fully grown as it is a recent Photo
Through our long term selective breeding these dogs don't have a mean bone in their bodies and here we see Rosy has been introduced to their very new baby and instead of being jealous of her she is here protecting her.
One of the traits we tried to breed into them all is that they pick up and blend into the culture of the family but quite by accident because I don't have a clue how it came to be it is working better than we could have drempt and it seems that the results like this is a combination of the mix of the blend of the genetics of the of imported toy Poodles and Gabby's nature and the end result is better than either of the parents plus the time spent handling them very young.

Cattle breeders know that if you get the young calves as soon as they are born and fondle them all over thoroughly the calf is desensitised of its fears toward humans and if it is carried on they can bond with humans as their mother.  This has its drawbacks with cattle but by letting pups bond well with their mum then fondling them as above and spending really quality time with them from a very early age we can also bond them with the human race and we always had our pups and all the breeders getting excited when we came round to them as they were expecting something good to be on and we tried to not disappoint them so when you get them home and have them on their own if you do as we tell you they will not only bond almost instantly with you and your family and give you an enormous reward indeed. 

Resting on the grass after serious playing

Last years litter 's first feed of Farax and they are going for it!

Meet Rosy 4 months old Left, Father Buddy top right and Mother Lady bottom right
Last years litter 's first feed of Farax and they are going for it!
Once the Puppies are born we share the breeding and nurturing process and progress along the way and it is so popular with everyone particularly the children as they see that these puppies are real living beings just like them and they have a Mum and Dad and mum feeds them just like their mum fed them.  In short it builds a relationship between the new family and the new pup right up front and the objective is to make the whole process as enjoyable as possible and welcome your new Puppy into your home as a new member to your family and she/he will enrich the whole family giving back 10 times the love and attention you give out, most rewarding.

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