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Photo's & Puppy Report 6 5th May 2010

5th May 2010

Here are some photo's taken today you may be interested in seeing.

We are on track with where I want to be in 2 weeks time. By then they will have been introduced to as many food flavours and textures as possible so that they can best fit into your family not the other way round.
I have just woken these babies up before we loose our light they had had a good meal and just wanted to sleep so if they all look a bit pooped they are.  This is Jemima and she loves cuddles, (they all do actually

Our prime objective and focus is to produce the very best companion dog money can buy and time can train. Over the weekend they experienced time apart from their mums in the larger pens under our awning whilst I was in the office working with a window overlooking them as they sleep.

Julia is holding Jemima to show her length she is wearing the black collar

As I write this it is a breather whilst they are there now and whilst I write another chapter of my book on how I totally reversed illness and disease that was predicted to never improve just get worse and that the body had reached a stage where the surgeons were not happy to operate giving me about a 50% chance of making it off the operating table.
 Julia is trying to show you her little white sox on the rear paws and there is a white patch under her neck but not visible

Today that is totally reversed, the body detoxed and an excitement and expectation for life is great. When someone goes up and knocks on the Pearly Gates then gets a reprieve it does different things to different people, for me, I just want to share with others who are now where I was that there is a way out, it is good or great as the after time is so much better than the before time. I what to reach out and say that there is a way out, it isn't hard, I have done it so come and join in the fun because I think it is a lot like after having the convenience of a car to loose it the loss is great but to get it back the joy and appreciation is just so great one must share it and the pleasure we get from our little puppies when we see people just so happy for years into the future is such a reward and the letters from them sharing their joy is also wonderfully rewarding.
 This is Jemima's favorite cuddling spot,  They seem to get comfort from either our heart beat, closeness, softness or just being close i'm not sure just that is is nice and warm

This story is partly told in the first book at as I rejected the medical advice and treatment as they were all aimed at treating the symptoms and I wanted a cure so I found the cause, removed the cause then fed the body the missing nutrients it needed to build strong new cells to replace the diseased ones and so a degenerative permanent disease was simply reversed one cell at a time.

Say good day to our Rusty, obviously a boy and has he grown!  He'll be 2 kgs tomorrow if he keeps up this rate, he's cheeky and loves to play.  Even at this age he knows his name and comes (sometimes) but always if food is in the offering

Honey has largely weaned the pups off although we have supported her to the point she is still supplementing them a little bit and whilst they need a high protein diet to replace mum’s 100% protein diet we must aim to bring that back to about 5% protein by 12 months for the healthiest dog and longevity, this should gradually tailor off once they get to about 3 months.
Don't be fooled by those big sad eyes, he's tired and just woken up for this photo, he's also a mischief maker and he picks on the girls but they gang up on him and at the moment one of the smaller girls has his tail in her mouth and he's towing her round trying to get rid of her then another just joined in and is hanging off his ear and he's squealing,  They all play until they drop then there's complete silence.

I was shocked to ring the Vet to see when she wanted them down for their Vet Check prior to them leaving here, needles, final worming and microchipping etc and got a new girl who has been to a number of vet practices and to be told that so many ship them out at 6 weeks. This takes some of the most important work off the breeders and onto the new owners. If they get them inoculated the day before they leave at 6 weeks it also means that they pass the risk of them getting a bad reaction on to the new owner as well. Because we guarantee our pups to be in 1st class health if they are taken to your vet immediately and should he/she find anything serious our vet missed and is prepared to discuss that with our vet. This is to make sure that we are looking at stuff that they had when they left here and not what they caught after.
Cheaky Ah? well I just screwed up a sheet of newspaper and it is keeping Rusty entertained having a great time particularly the noise it makes.

Any way bottom line they will be staying till we are happy they are ready to leave in top condition and are over any inoculation shock, if there is any and so far we haven’t experienced any. I like to take the pups one by one away from the litter on their own in the car to get them used to traveling car motion etc and getting them used to being apart from their siblings. They have been together from the moment of birth so it is a shock and what i do is to start getting them used to an enjoyable experience with a human animal away from their siblings. Yesterday I took one of the little one (Jane) and she was frightened probably to be expected but it said to me that there are more than our reasons to-date for getting them used to being on their own and those pups are travelling on a plane, the importance of meeting their pet ASAP after the plane lands and give it a welcome of welcomes with a little bit of BBQ chicken flesh as they love that and that is a pleasant experience and get you off to a flying start.
Shelley has just awakened and those big eyes would melt the hardest heart I'm sure, watch out Brendan your position as head of the house is under threat I'm sure.  I'm also sure she will just love this soft spot on Nadine as much as she loves Julia's cuddles

This morning they tasted mince, chicken, rice and a mix of all the above with our home brew of vegetables and minerals recommended by Pat Coleby in her book I recommended you all get. Her book is our doggy Bible and we follow her teachings to the T as it cured Our German Shepherd of severe arthritis and was the key to me finding a natural cure for Arthritis.
Well How's this for my best pity me looks note her little white goaty beard and the white markings under her chest and neck.  She looks like she has inherited her dad's predominant white genes and could lighten further and it will look cute with her mum's ears and a hint of brown whiskers around her nose

Over the next week - 10 days we will be most active inputting into them preparing them for their separation but it isn't possible to completely prepare them for what will be the biggest shock in their short lives today and I really do want to emphasise the importance of your first meeting and the love you share with him/her. Once in the car it is a good idea for one of you to sit in the back and cuddle puppy telling him/her that you love him/her. Whilst puppy won't understand your words they do feel the vibes from your voice tone and the warmpth of you cuddling, stroking patting etc. They will get their Vet visit over and have them ready for departure eating as wide as possible a range of food stuffs. We are also feeding them with a Puppy food we will be recommending you have on hand. It is recommended by our vet as the most complete puppy food and whilst it is several times as costly as supermarket home brands like $26 (and a smaller packet) compares to $6-8 it is a small price to pay for the investment return you will enjoy for many years and suggest you follow suit. Singularly they don’t eat a great deal any way so what the heck.
Another view of Shelley's light coat All their coats are as soft as soft a combination of her mum and dad's genes

All the instructions will be included in the owners presentation manual we will be giving you along with samples of food stuff and minerals we use so you can make your feeding decisions knowing what has worked for us.

They have all grown heaps in the last week and had no real setbacks except one day when they didn’t put on much. This was the critical day of the changeover from mum’s milk to our supplementing and then mainly feeding them with mum now supplementing which will only last a few days more. I feed them their mix as soon after they wake up as possible till they have full hard little tummies and they play and poo and wee before collapsing into a heap and sleeping for a few more hours.
Or yes any chance for a cuddle wont be missed I promise you

By the time you get them they should be offered food on demand but only need feeding about 4 hourly and sleep all night, maybe a disturbed first night but we will also tell you how to minimise that.
Is Jane trying to tell me I'm a big cruel bloke waking her up for stupid photo's.  Notice her brown colouring over her nose and how the colour changes seem to frame their eyes  She also has her mum's ears otherwise a nice even colouring on her body that highlights her ears eyes and face.

They all just love to be cuddled and wag their little tails as soon as they see one of us come near them in expectation. They look so cute with this little straight tail sticking up and wagging 20 to the dozen then all over my feet when I get in the pen with them.  Part of our treatment of them is to imprint on them that every meeting with these humans is a good experience and one to be looked forward to.  This way we are bonding them to the human kind and when they bond with their new family they will just look forward to every meeting and really be a true companion dog.
Yet again Jane has those lovely ears and soft as silk fur and you can see the evenness of her body colouring

They are eating from the dish and be able to eat a chicken necks that are great for cleaning their teeth and keeping them healthy It also gets them used to complex bones that are so good cleaning teeth. A word of warning whilst this is good for them they must be watched that they don't get some caught in their throat, remember they are new at this and it is a new experience they have to learn so it is better to watch them than be sorry. Because of this when they grow say 6 months +- they get larger Beef bones. On their last check up just before we took the mums to the sire dog the vet commented that the mum's teeth were in great shape because of the bones and the hard 4X2 biscuits they chew and they just love.
Jane demonstrates their favorite cuddling spot and if they are annoying me with their mischief, noise or whatever I find that to lay them in my lap also does wonders

Well that’s about all for now hope you enjoy the photo sand can see the growth how they are changing and will continue to change as they develop.  Particularly the area of the mouth as they grow.  I only hope you are enjoying these weekly updates as it is my way of helping you appreciate the policy we practice to give you guys the quality and premium puppies an the work we put into growing and developing expectations for human friendship and great company that will spoil them rotten and in return receive many log happy years to enjoy a true companion dog.

The way they are developing they will all be ready for delivery around the weekend of the 15th -16th of May if you are coming up here to take delivery or any time around then if you want them flown interstate.  Unfortunately we have commitments on the weekend of the 21st -24th May so where we are usually flexible can't offer to keep them longer as we will not entrust delicate little puppies to other carers.

Very best regards


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