Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Birth of a Baby Puppy

Gabby is a very placid mum who just takes things in her stride normally but when she has a litter she becomes a Lioness toward anyone or other dog protecting her little ones.

This time she was huge and the first slide we see she had to lay on her back to get comfortable.  When we put our hands on her tummy we could feel the babies turning as if they were fighting.

The day after this photo was taken she delivered her babies and the fun began.  She had them all naturally with minimum interference from us. 

Here you can see the whole package as it is born before mum breaks the sack and starts cleaning bubs up and getting it breathing

The second puppy born I was able to capture the photo of a puppy still in it’s sack before Gabby had broken it and started licking it to get it both dry and that gets the puppy breathing. One of the puppies didn’t want to start and I had to do expired air resuscitation on it and fling the little pup holding it so as to not put it’s neck or head at risk but to get all the liquid out of it’s mouth, nostrils and inner pipes that carry air then blow into it’s nose and it started squealing  and is now a healthy little bundle of joy.

Here you can see the whole package as it is born before mum breaks the sack and starts cleaning bubs up and getting it breathing

 As can also be seen there is a lot of fluids around and the papers are changed between births as much to keep mum dry when she lies down to take a nap as it is for hygiene.

  One very tired little mum and she has 5 out and one to come. She is tired and wet and has the puppies on her tit getting that good stuff mum has before her milk comes down and that kick starts bub’s immune system as well as so much else. Doesn’t she look just

 Unfortunately my camera died during the birth and I have just got a replacement so these were taken by a friend at about ten days old so you can imagine how small they were at birth.

 Kids seem to really relate new born animals and we often take young puppies about 8-10 weeks old to our local nursing home and the oldies are just as excited, actually it's good therapy as they just forget their problems and give out love to the little baby and reminisce of their past animals.

This is at 10 days old and you can get  better idea of size as it sits in a young lady's hand, you can also see puppy has everything there only in miniature. I just love seeing these tiny features only in miniature, look at the feet pads and claws on his feet.

At this stage the eyes and ears are still shut but as at today 3rd June they are just open and today we say the first attempts by one to stand on the feet.  Once that happens and later next week they will be able to see, they start wandering around the pen so it has to have high sides added to keep them in.

We are very particular to get the genetics right and just as particular to prepare mum for the pending pregnancy.  In cattle breeding we refer to it as getting them on a rising plane of nutrition and after Christmas we started building up their body mineral content with a special recipe for minerals the famous old country Victorian Vet worked out 50 years ago that helps prevent arthritis, heart, cancer and many of the diseases our over fed pets suffer from today giving puppy the best start in life as well as making sure that our mum doesn’t become calcium deficient  or loose condition as we want to protect them as well.

It now seems quite possible that with these minerals and the special diet we can breed out of our girls and their puppies the disastrous medical problems in so many pets today.

I have personally had serious genetic problems and overcome them all naturally without drugs or surgery, been given 6 months to live in 1993, told I would never walk again, overcome Prostate cancer, depression and a host of other stuff enough to say that no way should I be here and more healthy at 70 than I was at 50.  It was a result of researching the causes and what some others did to effect a cure then trying it on my old German Shepherd who was wracked with arthritis and when it didn’t do anything for Ben went on with the next experiment.  When it worked I tried it on myself then Reason: as one year in our time is equal to  7 in a dog’s life there for results show up 7 times faster in dogs than humans and we cured Ben to the degree that the afternoon before he died at 14 he chased caught and ate a rabbit.  After I saw results in Ben I then tested it on me and eventually completely overcame every disease as they manifested.

It is vitally important to me that our girls art as healthy as possible and avoid every disease we see in so many pets.  Pets bought from breeders that churn them out or aren’t as particular can cost many times their purchase price and finish up with a sick little dog.  To this time we have always bought in our dogs so there couldn’t be and in breeding like so many show breeders do but by being careful and following these principals I am convinced we can breed out the genetic risks in many breeds and are researching this now.


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