Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birth of a Baby Puppy 3 Weeks Old

These photos were taken this week their third week of life and they are reaching toward 3 times their birth weight.  Gabby their mum is a beautiful mum as placid as possible but becomes a lioness in protectiveness when a stranger comes near.  We have had her on high mineral, nutrition including correct protein, calcium, magnesium and potassium in particular together with naturally occurring vitamins to ensure that our mum's requirements are fully met and she has the reserves to put into the pups all their needs without depleting her own.  This is important if we are to keep our little girl healthy and strong.  Gabby has started this week back on our daily walks to keep her fit as well.

Here Gabby is lying on her warm wheat bags and has her charges snuggling into her, the wheat bags and other siblings.

The milk bar is open for business and the mad scramble is on.

Gabby is actually standing up and has just got into the box to clean them up collect their pees and poos to keep her nest clean and they have latched onto her hanging off as she goes from one to the next.

Here is a close up of how they sleep when she is there.  They are only just getting their body temperature control working this week and next but theu will always huddle three and sometimes four deep to keep each other warm and conserving energy so it can go into their growth.

Notice where they have their head and what they would be breathing.
I am at the moment in the midst preparing a nutritional coaching course to help people reverse things like Arthritis, cancer and heart disease as I have personally followed top world class scientists who have had difficulty getting their findings put into practice after extensive pier group reviews and other scientists repeating their work in other universities around the world without making headway.  The problem seems that there is no money to be made using these  natural means of killing the disease rather than treating the symptoms as the heavy players in the sickness industry do.  Regardless having found this information it has saved my 6 months death sentence, totally reversed arthritis from the wheelchair, never to walk again, cleaned up prostate cancer and many other diseases and today at 70 and healthier than I was in my 40s.

It is these same (or similar) nutritional principals that I am applying to the puppies and their parents and as my prognosis has gone from 6 months to live to longer than normal in just 15 months 20 years ago I have extreme confidence in the health potential it affords our puppies and to say we set them uo for a long healthy life there is good evidence behind that claim.

Here is another stand up shot of the little ones hanging on for grim death to get as much milk as possible.

A Mother's love here she is giving her baby a cuddle as they sleep with full tummies.  This is the sort of thing we notice and the same loyalty we get from our dogs, every one that's the nature we have built into them and part of what we set out to breed as ideal companion dogs.

I am disappointed that after the camera died during birthing and the new one takes great stills and HD movies but they are too hungry on memory to be able to download from our tiny country exchange as they certainly add a new dimension and will try and do a DVD ready for when you take delivery of your new family members, "the new house ruler."

Trusting this posting finds you all in good spirits enjoying the long weekend and this brings you pleasure whilst keeping you in the loop with us.

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