Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 6 Progress Report

After good intentions of photographing the entire process of the birthing process to both video and share with you the entire process and help the children the miracle of birth.  Unfortunately during early birthing the camera just died and went right out of focus then died totally and the video camera ordered got lost in the post but fortunately did get a shot of the puppy still in the sack and her cleaning up, the last very shot.

With a new computer getting the new software and trying to learn how to use it has taken me much longer to work the program and still aren't there yet but here is a rough video to share because I wanted you to appreciate the temperament and affection this combination has for people who love them.

As rough as it is I just trust you can watch to the last segment with the English lady in the red top who just loves puppies and how her love for him is returned with interest.  Also note the section where it shows how even at this early age they are clean and don't want to defecate in their sleeping area going to the outer edges of the whelping box to do business.

When you get your pup home you have options how to train puppy what you want them to do when needs arise, if you say put newspaper all over the floor so they go on the paper until you get it down to the last piece then shifting it gradually out the doggy door and on the to the grass then removing the paper.

The alternative is what the women seem to do better than us blokes is to keep an eye on them and taking them out every hour or so and after they wake up and when they have had a big meal taking puppy out on to the grass and saying poos or wees whatever you want to call it and huge encouragements when they do it seems to get the message through and saves many accidents and messes to clean up.

Here is the first video.  This was taken so you can see and hear the serious sucking noises and  pandemonium especially at meal time.

This video above and the photos below were shot when the puppies were being used as therapy dogs as they are just so intuitive when someone is sick and they love to get on the bed or couch and snuggle into your side as warm as toast and send you off to sleep and sleep close to you.  

On her days off Julia often goes on to the bed with our two girls, she under the blankets and they on top of our doggie sheet cuddling into her back and sending her back off to sleep.  She says it is so relaxing you just can't help drifting off.

Now here are a few stills showing more details, here is Julie with little Raffi

A little girl just 6 weeks old gets a cuddle from Wanita and loves it

Wanita enjoying the little girl just as much as she is

A gorgeous young male shows his distinctive yet subtle colours, when he sits up the white chest, little beard, love spot in the middle of his forehead, white socks, white tail end and a cheeky face this little chap will always be a most distinctive boy making his masters so proud for many years to come and return so much love it is quite astonishing.  No wonder every one of our owners are so happy and proud of their four legged mates and we maintain a friendship for years and so many of our pups find a good home with their friends and family.

And just look at that face a little beard, white socks, under neck and 4 white socks

Just want a little cuddle, that's just one of the jobs a good companion dog is all about

Little Raffi returns Pat's affection with kisses and kisses to her absolute delight.  Here is another trade mark of many of our puppies notice the lighter colouring that frames their eyes and red tinge showing through around their face and ears, not to mention their beautiful soft low shedding, low allergy fur.

Robin's enjoying her cuddle.  This little chap will make a perfect lap dog, both enjoying a personal relationship together.  Other larger pups will be just as happy going for a 5K run with teenagers.

I try and do a 2 K brisk walk each day and they really love it and are great company too, taking it in their stride.

 Doesn't matter whatever is on, they are just as happy so long as they are with one of us, the objective of our breeding is to breed a companion dog that just wants to be in close human contact and is happy as can be to be in touch.  This is not just genetics but the time we spend with them to humanise our puppies with the time we spend with them and as this young puppy already shows that they expect every human contact to be a pleasant experience and one to look forward to.  Whether lying on Robins chest or sitting on her arm right from a very young puppy shows that they just love being in our company and return our affection to them 10 fold just as little Raffi shows in the how he responds to Pat in the video above.

Before you close down make sure that you see the video and how the puppies respond to human companionship

Whilst this is meant to keep you in the loop as it were if you have any friend you could recommend who would provide a good home and relationship with one of our puppies I'd certainly appreciate an introduction.

With every good blesisngs looking forward to providing you with as much help as possible.

Very good wishes

Brian Smith

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