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Testimonies Recently Received July 2011

Over the years we have received quite a few testimonies of how happy people are with the puppy and eventually the dog they bought from us here are just a few emails from new and older owners.
Make sure you see Olivia's smiley box at the bottom

Did you get recent photos of Ella – she is the most affectionate dog every. I’m her favourite much to Olivia’s frustration – if I move she follows.

Thanks, Colleen
Thanks Colleen,
No need to ask if Olivia and Ella have bonded ah!
Looks like you guys are really getting loads of love and fun and she has made a difference to your family.

That makes it all worthwhile for us, thanks so much for sharing



Some photos of Ella which I have been meaning to send for years.

I take Ella to netball on Saturday and this lady came up and said she had a dog exactly the same. Turns out she has one of yours from Gabby – called “Honey” about 6 months younger the Ella.
She brought her to netball the next week and they are identical!

We absolutely love our “ELLA”

Love Colleen and Olivia

Hi Brian and Julia,

Just an image update on our Isabel and her Honey.
Isabel is 10 now and quite grown up.
Honey is still wonderfully puppyish in nature although she’s a solid 6.6kg
We think she due for her second birthday August 12th this year. Is that correct?
She loves people and always gets comments,  compliments and plenty of pats from those we meet on our walks.
I have just stopped work for a while so Honey’s getting more walks.
Trust you are all well and happy. We are interested to hear your plans for future breeding although we think one dog is enough for us for now.

Kind regards

Loris, Adam and Isabel

Dear Brian & Julia,

It is so long since I updated you had to dig back through old emails- hope you get this one!

Our “Honey” Born 12th Aug 2007 to your “Gabby”
I met another of your pups last week at our daughter Isabel’s Netball comp at Croydon in Sydney.
I couldn’t believe how much this dog looked like ours so spoke to the owner – turns out it was one of your Honey’s pups from around April 2008. They call her Ella.  Lovely dog & owner – didn’t get her name. I will get a photo if I meet her again at Saturday Netball.

We have a friend considering getting a dog – wondering if you have new pups on the way??

Hope all is well with you & yours
Kindest Regards

Here is the two dogs to compare.

They were from our girls, one from Honey, the other from Gabby with the same father and both absolutely spoilt and loved to the max.  They said that their dogs stood out, both couldn't get over the coincidence of meeting via their daughters interests in the same sport and both with one of our bred dogs.  Take particular note that the first cross looks nothing like either mum or dad but when they put dad back over an offspring to save buying in another breeding mum some breeders particularly those breeding for pet shops where they need to simply produce numbers they often take a short cut and keep some females back to put Dad back over his daughters and granddaughters and so on gradually inbreeding to such an extent till they get strange puppies that have to be put down.  This is what the article from the RSPCA below is about.  The above is becoming a real problem and not just with the puppy farms but also pedigree dogs that the owners want to keep certain characteristics of the two parents and want a show special.

Our whole concentration in breeding is health and temperament. 

Here are our two cousins meeting by fluke at a Sydney Kids sports event they are Honey and Ella.


And here is Isabel and Honey

Hi Guys

have no time to write n detail at the mo - so sorry.
we love love love Buster - he is the best dog ever!!!

thanks for everything and best of luck
ps - some pics of our most divine boy

hes not a little silly fluffy thing

he's a bit bigger than like a maltese or shit tzu
with big paws and a nice build
lots of energy & very playful but only when appropriate
 but a cosy little curled up cat at the end of the day
he was staying at my parents yesterday, while i was working and they are in a flat
it was raining heavily so they took him down for a quick wee but he didn't have time for his morning poo so he ended up have an accident in my mums room. poor puppy was very upset. so this morning the 2nd i opened the door he bolted onto the front lawn and squeezed out the quickest poo i have ever seen, just in case he gets stuck again!
too cute


Brian  - he is truly the best dog ever!!!

Remind me of your phone number cos people often stop me in street to ask about Buster and I'd love to send them to you, so they dont just get any cavoodle, but the best B & J cavoodle!!!

This was Buster about 5 months
 This is him fully grown and clipped
Buster has been taught to love the swimming pool and where the kids are so is Buster
This is where the kids are

This email is as a response to a call for help from one of the people who bought a gorgeous little girl and had a stroke so that wouldn't be a good result for one of our Clayton"s Kids so we took her back and onsold her to another couple who gave her a beautiful loving home, good result all round especially for little Alice.  The following is an email from the owner of Buster when she got my call for help.
Buster’s sister - the puppy - is still looking for a new home, and I can now absolutely 100% assure everyone, that our little Buster is the best puppy EVER!!!! He is very smart, very strong, very brave around torturing toddlers, sleeps through the night, eats well, is easy going, and the vet said a perfect example of a cavoodle. He can already use the doggy door, and has very few wee/poo accidents, instead taking himself to his training pad when he needs to pee/poo. Even in the middle of the night! So proud!

Whomever gets to home this beautiful girl will be very happy – I promise!

Please send out again to everyone you know, so she can be with her family soon – must be sad being the last puppy left of a litter!

I’d love to have a matching pair but you know who will NOT allow it!!! Stinky husbands!!!!
Hope someone out there can offer her a loving home???
 This is an article presented by Planet ark concerning the degree to which the trade in what I call sausage factories puppy where they churn out puppies like they were sausages in the UK.  They usually have good adds sell them at a reasonable to cheaper price and basically con the market.

In Australia it is still there but not as sophisticated as they are so often hidden in small enterprises in and under peoples houses with from 4-5 breeders up to 50-60.  They often have the breeding females and sire dogs vocal cords removed (a cruel thing to cover an illegal activity) so they don't annoy the neighbors and tip off the local councils (this also includes registered breeders of pedigree puppies).  Their adds resemble a legitimate breeder who like us is fully licensed and council approved.

Below is a copy of the web page pf the article and it's authenticity can be checked out by looking up the original article I copied and here is their URL below

RSPCA Warns of "Puppy Trafficking"
Date: 14-Jul-08
Country: UK

The animal welfare charity said trafficked puppies risked having illnesses or behavioural problems
making them unsuitable pets, and said owners needed to know where their dog came from.
In a test it conducted, out of six puppies it purchased, two were found to have potentially fatal illnesses.
One, a King Charles spaniel, died after two weeks.
The RSPCA said 73 percent of vets were now concerned about the trade in puppies while it had
received more than 700 calls in 2007 about puppies that had become ill after being purchased or were
not as described in adverts.
Mark Evans, RSPCA Chief Veterinary Adviser, said some dogs were used as "breeding machines",
producing litter after litter which were then passed on to unscrupulous traders or sold to unsuspecting
"The RSPCA believes that many are likely to have been exposed to disease and may become seriously
ill, or even die, within days or weeks of entering their new home," he said.
About 1,000 puppies are imported from Ireland to Wales every week before being sold on, the RSPCA
said. However, just 2 percent of owners believed their pet was from Ireland.
Evans said prospective owners needed to do their homework before buying a puppy, and advised them
to go to rescue centres or respected breeders.
"Puppy trafficking is a despicable, profit-driven business," Evans said. "We want the dog-loving public to destroy the puppy trafficker's market."
(Reporting by Michael Holden)
© Thomson Reuters 2008 All rights reserved
World Environment News - RSPCA Warns of "Puppy Traffic... http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/49321/...

.he's about 4-5kgs

and so so so divine
happy to talk to anyone
we are big fans of yours
he is one special puppy

You have seen the photo's of Honey and Ella above now see the thank you that Olivia & Colleen sent when Ella was a lot younger and they are still in love with her.
 Here is a smiley Box put together by a young lady named Olivia with, I suspect a little help and very beautiful showing her attachment to a gorgeous little puppy called Ella (See her email and photos above).  This is fairly illustrative of the welcome they get into a family.

To see the smiley box click on the green "See Smiley Presentation Button below then make sure you press the forward arrow buttons on the bottom right corner to see other pages of this presentation To return to this page you will have to use the back arrow at the top.

Over the years we have received quite a few testimonies of how happy people are with the puppy and eventually the dog they bought from us here are just a few.

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