Friday, December 23, 2011

Puppy Report for 23/12/11

Just to keep everyone up to date and on the same page

This week they have started doing all the right things like opening their eyes and as at yesterday one started trying to stand on her feet.  To-date they have got around by a sort of breast stroke as they use their feet as a type of paddles to row their way round and they are now 3 weeks old and their weights range from the smallest at 664 grams to the biggest at 850 grams.

With eyes open they look so different and they are so cute as they try and stand up and their rear feet just slide out from under them but it will only take a few more days and they will stand up and then the fun is on.

Just now Honey has gone and got into the box to do what we would do when checking the nappies as she cleans them up and they try and manoeuvre to get to the milk bar and keep chasing her as she moves around checking each and trying to avoid their locking on to a tit.  They spend their entire time still just sleeping and drinking with a small amount of time moving about stretching their legs and we are keeping the food, minerals and specials like Chlorophyll, seaweed meal for all their multi vitamins and minerals in an organic plant base that’s easy to digest and absorb, cod liver oil and a special mix of honey and apple cider vinegar that helps increase their calcium levels in their circulation.  This is not just for puppies bone building and milk supply but also for Honey her self as we want her to be just as well supplied after she is finished feeding in 2-3 weeks time as she was at the start.  We also supplement Honey with a rather expensive calcium mixture that normally improves her calcium but what we do here also increases hers and all their immune system.

If we don’t keep their minerals up to the mum and particularly Calcium, magnesium, Boron, vitamins A, C, B complex, Iodine and Copper (cancer is so very rare in people and pets with good copper levels in their system it also has many other benefits in trace amounts but the ground food grows in is leached of copper as a result of artificial fertilisers) (It also is essential for their absorption of the minerals and vitamins during pregnancy and lactation the mother usually get run down or low in one or more of these and that isn’t good for her health.  The Vets tell me that the problems from calcium deficiency are not pretty in the slightest.

This attention to simple detail is something we should be catering for in our own lives and our children’s diet if we are to help them understand nutrition to build strong immunes, for instance just measuring the ph. of our urine every few days we can tell when we are in a condition to getting the flu well before any symptoms and using the recipe with cider vinegar mixture can correct it and stop it in its tracks.  Using this I don’t have flu shots and have only had a day of sniffles when people all round me are dropping for weeks with the flu.

Please I’m not giving too many details just now because my background is in engineering and business and I don’t wish to give medical advice that could leave me exposed to legal ramifications because I have no medical training or license to do so but as we get closer to delivery I will tell you just what I do that builds up the dogs immune and later again I’ll be producing a series of Video seminars that will also share how I with no medical background and using engineering logic defeated a 6 months prognosis back in 1993 then corrected a heart problem in 1995-6 because my hip was so bad it needed replacing then the Surgeons didn’t want to operate as they all thought my heart was in such a bad state I had less than a 50/50 chance of surviving.  By November 96 it had so improved that there was a completely successful operation with no heart risk.  This doesn’t usually happen only gradually deterioration.

Again in 1999 Arthritis had deteriorated to the point I could no longer support my body on crutches and was assigned to a wheelchair for life never to walk again and today you wouldn’t know I’d ever had Arthritis.  Again I had a similar victory over prostate cancer and all this info will be the subject matter for the various videos in the above video seminar series including lectures given from the very world class scientists that were my source of the information I used to find the cause of the problems and eliminate the cause then seeing the problems disappear and by providing the body the nutrition needed to starve the disease and strengthen the body and immune it became the healer and self healed, it will also tell how to keep the dogs in 100% health naturally.

These lessons were first learnt in a Natural Pet Care book and adapted to humans (me) after I adapted it to suit me from the dogs it was simple putting it back where it came from and the purpose of telling you this is that if you would like to be advised when these video’s are available and the first months will be free to try before you buy, then just let me know sending an email subject  “WELLNESS VIDEO SEMINARS” and I’ll be starting a list of people who want it but don’t want to force it on anyone.

Back to this weeks growth and changes whilst examining Honey we discovered the little ones have teeth coming through and they have made big claw marks on her chest around the tender parts of her udders.  This indicates they are getting teeth and Julia checked and her tummy is in a scratched state.

These events usually lead to mum loosing interest and starts the weaning process but hopefully she will soldier on for another 2-3 weeks by which time their little teeth will be big sharp teeth.

Well that’s about all the happenings with the little ones this week and over the next weeks they will just get more and more cute and desirable.

Here is a movie and photo if the movies will download and isn’t too big for
You will note that they try and stand up and keep slipping on the paper also the photo is them asleep and we can understand why they are so very close as they sleep this close to their siblings so when we get them home to make them feel so loved and wanted is vitally important with plenty of cuddles and sleeping by the bed in their new box so that you can lean over when puppy wakes up and is lonely.  The toy we give you will be dirty but have all the smells of their siblings and is of immense value for puppy to feel not so alone.

Julia and I take this opportunity of wishing you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Sorry for the poor quality as I had to reduce the size down to a minimum file size to get it to load so next time I'll take some more shorter so they are smaller size but you can see what they are up to and they will just get more and more interesting as they progress

Notice the little girl in the middle on her back and the others cuddling into her this is why they bond so well and also how they keep warm with communal heat they often lay flat out spread eagle on their backs and when a bigger or stronger dog is intimidating them that is how they show submission

This is puppy #4 on my spreadsheet of weights
Please note that the colour is darker here than actual as I was using a flash and Honey had just bathed them so their hair is wet from licking

The photo above and below are the same pup#2 on weights spread sheet just the angles differ.  Whilst it's there on them all the angle here shows a unique framing of their eyes in the fur shape and some have a lighter colour around the eyes that still may happen as colour sometimes changes considerably

This is the first of #3 and from here on there is no flash and these are closer to their real colour. 

#3 again showing their length now

This is easier to see the framing around her eyes from this angle, this is the last of #3 she is also the heaviest at 940 grams whilst #1 is the lightest at 738g these weights are an update on the above that are a few days ago.  Now I know they are all doing well unless I notice some change in one or suspect mum's milk is starting to go off and they need supplementing I only weigh them every few days now but as I said above I suspect Honey isn't real impressed with their sharp little claws and teeth as she's out of there quick smart and all her tummy is scratches particularly around the nipples so you ladies will know all about how that feels and I am nursing her using a cream used on milking cows for cracked tits as it aids healing and is good for rashes (don't tell anyone but I used it on a rash I had and it was great).

Once again enjoy Christmas and the new year, we are having a quiet one this year, just us for a change.

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  1. Hi Brian & Julia,
    The girls are beautiful! Can't wait to bring one home. Wishing you both a joyous & healthy Christmas & a peaceful New Year.
    Kind regards