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Report 16/12/11

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I am looking at 4 beautiful and healthy little girls just busting to get their eyes and ears open in the next week – ten days so they can see the big world out there.  At the moment they only know the whelping box with hot wheat bags that help keep them warm at night.  They get waited on hand and foot with a walking milk bar that comes to them and they hungrily tuck in for their feed before falling off with full warm tummy and a nice warm mum to cuddle into what more could a new puppy want.

Mum cares for every little detail and grand parents (Julia and I) take care of mum keeping all the good food up to her so she makes great milk for them.  Mum even checks out back sides and bladder levels regularly and licks them to start them going then takes the collection outside to dump it well away from the box, when all said and done puppies haven't learn't to use toilet paper do they ah?

Most of the rest of the photos are taken side on so you can get an idea of size and colours although this litter are very well conformed but here we go.

First up here is a little girl born 1/12/11so now 12 days old and as you can see her eyes are just slits.  They love to sit on our laps like this especially when older and I take them in the car to get them used to car travel from very young.  I suppose it is warm but more it is personal direct contact and they can hear our heart beets (developed I’ve seen it in dog information websites that a dogs hearing and smell are something like 1,000 times more sensitive than ours) so they would hear our heart beats, pulse and love to come with me and here and feel mine and help out when they get a bit older.

Here we see 3 bogging in and one had her fill and rolled off to sleep.  Get a minds eye an image of the size of them maybe measuring them against Honey’s leg or something for future reference.

This one is a special for you to see their eyes at this stage are just like closed slits and their ears look like they are chock a block full of wax.  It’s not that but looks like it

Here is the same little girl An you can note that the colour is affected by the intensity of the flash, angle of the pup to carry the light from the flash and bounce it off at different angles, so affecting the colour.

Here is the same girl at a different angle but similar angle for the rest so you can compare more easily.

This little girl was 194 gms born and this morning was 490, that’s 253% of her birth weight.  (Now 4 days later she's 590gms)

This little tart was 202 Gms born and is 556 now and no we never hired a hit man but let’s say that the she’s been a guts both in and out of the womb always asking for more and more.  (4 days later 16/12/11 she's 700gms)

This little girl was just started out at 229gms and now is sitting on 480and doing fine.  You can start to see the waves in her fur around the neck that are the indicators of her future curls or waves and as she grows they will fade into waves. (Now 4 days later and she weighs 570 Gms)

This little girl started out at 207 gms and is now 468 gms .  (Now 4 days on and she is 616 Gms)
If you look at the waves that look like rolls but are all fur on her legs and face again a positive sign of the rag doll look as her fur grows out and fills in.

An interesting feature we always enjoy is as her fur grows it goes into curls or waves.  If brushed regularly say once a week that maintains it but if it is left for maybe once a month it will take so much longer it’s not worth doing.  Some do it daily or weekly for 10 minutes and it looks so silky smooth and shiny but that is not what I’d buy a low maintenance dog for.  If you want that buy a poodle.  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a fairly low maintenance but the Cavoodle or our combination certainly brings a new meaning to the word.

Some folks with a boat take theirs everywhere and when they go over to the Island and swim their little boy dives right in with them rolls in the sand and has a wonderful time chasing seaguls etc.  When they get back to the boat they have a fresh water hose in the aft cockpit and throw it over on to the landing platform, hose him down and he dries out on the floor of the cockpit before allowed inside, How easy is that, they hose down so does he only he has a bit more fur to dry out.

Well that’s it for this week, hopefully we are over the hump from last week and there is a week untouched ahead.  I trust this festive season will bring much joy and pleasure playing Santa etc. not to mention the Christmas parties so till the end of next week have a great time and the days are counting down.

Absolute best wishes for you and yours

From Brian and Julia

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