Sunday, January 6, 2013

High Quality Cavoodle Puppies

We Never Aim to Produce the Most Pups Only the Very Best Value For Money and Healthy Pups with a Tremendous Temperament and Nature.

Dogs with no inbreeding minimal vet expenses and great temperament and to achieve this it has taken me many years sorting through the genetics to get to these reliable girls and boys that throw perfect puppies.   I am considering retirement and would be interested in talking to anyone who would be interested taking over and breeding the same way as I have as I also want to service an existing loyal clientele who consistently refer others to us.  Our name is so respected we export to every State in the Country.

The purpose of this post is to show new potential customers the litter of Lisa the day after they were born. (the top photograph)   Then start a process of keeping the people who have waited so long for their new family addition keep abreast of their progress.   In addition the older puppies below are Gingers litter and will be ready for delivery on the 16th of January 2913 so it is also designed to help the remaining people who have been waiting since November 2011, many of whom live interstate and bring them up to date and show and help them choose their puppy in order of their place on the waiting list.

This litter below is of Gingers Pups and now completes all back orders and the new litter of Lisa's shown above at 1 day old, has some puppies available at the time of writing.

(This is a testimony sent to us a few days ago by a family who had just received their Cavalier Puppy and their level and how their expectations were fulfilled plus a load more.)

 Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 2:32 PM
 FW: Casper

Dear Brian,
We just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thanks for the gift of our new "baby
boy" Casper. It is hard to describe in words the immeasurable joy and
richness he has added to our lives in such a short space of time. From the
moment we picked him up at Adelaide airport we immediately bonded with him
due to his beautiful nature and placid personality. He has fitted into our
lifestyle perfectly. It feels like we have had him forever and we cannot
imagine life without him.
We have taken him on numerous walks to the beach as he enjoys going
everywhere with us. What used to take us half an hour to stroll is now
taking at least double that time as we are constantly being stopped by
people young and old who think he is so cute and want to pet him, hug him
and hold him.
Everyone remarks how sociable and what a beautiful temperament he has. We
truly believe that this is a testament to the wonderful start he got in life
with you Brian. A friend of ours who has a 6 month old cavalier puppy
couldn't believe how different Casper was from day one in comparison to her
puppy which she just bought locally.  His gentleness,
intelligence, beautiful face and coat, great health and overall personality
just 'blew her' away.
We believe that the benefits of getting a puppy from an extremely reputable
breeder such as yourself cannot be underestimated and is invaluable.  We are
so so happy that we managed to get in contact with you and would sincerely
recommend anyone who wants a puppy who will truly be remarkable and fit in
with their family buy one from the Old Codgers!!
Thank you so much again.  We are truly indebted to you for bringing someone
so truly special into our lives.  We have attached a few photos so that you
can see the evidence for yourself.

Warm regards

Caroline, Ray and Family.

This section is still under construction and is to help people see the puppy we are re-commending to meet their desires and expectations before delivery is arranged.

Everyone gets to choose their choice in order of receipt of their deposit (irrespective of our recommendations)
Denise's 3 

Denise's 3
Puppy 1-1116
Puppy 1-1115

Boy 1111
Boy 1112

Puppy 2-1107
Puppy 2-1108
Puppy 4 1110  Adelaide
 Puppy 4 1109  Adelaide


  1. Yes aren't they but the best part is that they get more interactive and life as they mature then the love they give is incredible.

    Our whole breeding emphasis is on health and temperament because a healthy puppy is a happy puppy and also goes for dogs as well

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