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The Best Temperament Cavoodles We Have Ever Bred

The mothers of the latest two litters of Cavoodle Puppies are first time mums just 18 months old and we always treat these first litters as experiments to test the new mums as to what sort of mum's they make and how they combine with our sires because just like us humans some produce Miss Universe quality whilst others produce pups with lower intelligent, sick pups that are in some way far less than perfect.  We only ever breed 1st cross because we found from cattle breeding that they are the ones to have best immunes, are the strongest and most intelligent.  This first cross alone according to the British RSPCA gives them a 20 times less chance of carrying a genetic disease into their puppies.  Diseases like Heart disease, cancer, Arthritis and so many more. 

I maybe we are more relaxed with our pups now but these last few litters from totally new mums and first litters have been the most relaxed and easy going fitting in with our culture sleeping in till 9 and even 10 am on Saturdays not making a noise till I get up and come into them and then all energy breaks loose to get their fresh food.  Up till now we have only had Cavalier mums but these Toy Poodles mums have inherited their mum’s milk supply and maternal instincts and are simply the very best of all and she has carried these brilliant traits across to her pups.  And the people who have one of these puppies on order are all in for a real treat

Special Announcement:
I am reducing my breeding stock to retire and our beautiful breeding girls and boys are displayed on and can be viewed on

Here are some photos of this current litter that hav today just been Vet Checked, Inoculated and microchipped.  They will be ready for delivery the weekend of the 16th and I would like to talk to each of you about their individual personalities and match them with your family considering the family desires for the puppy and expectations.  For example it would be not the best match for an elderly couple to pic a puppy that would be full of energy and more suited for a 5 k run every morning just because of its perfect colourings  or a pup most likely to be a perfect couch potato for a young active athletic family who do go for a 5k run every morning and want to take their dog with them for company but the reverse would be perfect. so over the next two weeks this is what we will be working together to achieve no doubt with several phone conversations and as some of you are interstate and trusting me to help them get their perfect match I will certainly be looking for each one in their order on the priority wait list to achieve that around the end of next week Those who live closer can come and see their puppy and have an active hand in the process.  Remember at all times I am only here to assist with my observations and experience and you have the last say as to choice within the restraints of your pace in the wait list.  eg: #1 has first choice and #2 has the choice of the rest etc.

That out of the way here is some photos of Lisa's Litter:

Please note these puppies had just had a feed from mum so the moisture over their face is mum's milk an they dry out fro licking one another.

Instead of taking mums off the bubs at 5 weeks like so many do I prefer to gradually reduce mums contact with the bubs so as to gradually wean them but even more importantly to gradually get both used to life without the other but still giving mum that satisfaction and fulfilment of suckling her children just as human mums tell me they get.  I find that it gives the babies a much more placid approach to life and gradually eases the permanent separation. 

Here is an photo showing the relative size of puppies at 6 weeks compared to the previous posts photo of the litter at birth.  Please note that the food dish shows a bowl of what looks like pure vegetables and they have had a grazing on them before going to sleep with a full tummy, Today they are noticeably larger and are growing daily.

Why Vegetables
Actually it is not straight Vegies but consists of our recipe of vegies, meat loaf and brown rice and in the near future I will put up another posting explaining the reasons and science behind a larger than expected amount of plant matter.   This applies to our puppy customers and anyone who is just surfing the net researching as our motive is to help all pet owners enjoy healthier pets as healthy pets are happy pets and following these same principals with a few modifications I was able to cure Ostio Arthritis to the stage of being wheelchair bound and never expected to walk again where as today appart from the joint that was replaced and now failed which is a bit of a worry all the others have reversed naturally and regrown perfectly normal original joints.  This is too large a subject to expand on here but I will do another posting on it and if you would like a book on how I did it it can be obtained from my book "Arthritis Healed Without Drugs" and can be obtained by emailing:
In addition I am now working on a series of video seminars to help people wanting a natural cure to provide step by step day by day what I did and recipes also many interviews with world leaders on various associated areas and if anyone would like this and just emails me telling me they would like an invitation I will freely email them with an invitation and free one month trial run.  The email address is:   and if you would start the note with subject Healing Videos I will be notified when they are ready.  By the way the same principals apply to our pets and our children as well particularly if we want them to have healthy grandchildren for us and avoid obesity and the many nutritionally caused diseases of our Western World.  For me it has reversed Arthritis, Heart condition, Prostate Cancer, skin cancers and I lost 3 1/2 stone (49 Pound - or 22 Kg) just for starters.

Now that's got off the track somewhat, here is the photo of the pups at 6 weeks

A most important reason for these photo's is to give us a chance to interact with each other in making your selection and to have something we can both look at and positively identify as we discuss the personality and atributes of each individual puppy on the phone.  This is most important for those interstate or distant people who will not see puppy till they collect her/him at the airport.
LP Boy 1- 100_1154

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