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Why Our Puppies Are In Such High Demand

Why Our Puppies are in such demand.

After years of development choosing the very best dogs to breed with we both thought we had reached the optimum for both temperament and health in our breeding mums and Sire dogs.

Just as some couples have children that are absolutely perfect with no defects whilst others just don't have that sort of luck and suffer enough  devastating problems, so it is with animals and in the true wild dogs again where there has been no contamination with domesticated feral animals the females only cycle once a year [otherwise they would never survive having to hunt and breed and feed 2 litters a year etc.] and the dominant male only mates with the strongest dominant females.  So the lesser females actually do most of the feeding and tending the litter, in a similar manner to how in some primitive Third World countries as the babies suckle on grandma her mammary glands start producing milk again and grandma assists mum with the feeding the baby care while mother goes out and gathers food and wood for the fire.

In this way mother remains strong is not overtaxed is able to rest and re-mineralize her body and the load is shared, so it is with the wild dogs.  Knowing this we set out years ago researching and looking for the feeding regime that would encourage our mums to only cycle once a year and at the moment they are only cycling every 9 to 10 months and I am convinced that we have the optimum feeding down pat and the difference between our animals lifestyle is that they don't get the same exercise as a mother in the wild would get, so we are not likely to improve on that very much.  That said we are still ecstatic that we have stretched the six monthly cycle out to around 10 months as that gives mother plenty of time to absorb all the minerals her body needs from her diet and in particular to build up the calcium in her bones that have been leached out when the high demand was there to build the bones in all of the puppies to become the perfect breeding mother.

Just quietly our own children could do well to follow the similar principles as this is what has cured crippling diseases and a certain cruel and painful death for me just on 20 years ago.

This is why our puppies are so healthy and normally we expect if they are fed correctly they should only need to visit the vet once a year for their checkup and inoculations etc.

Whilst we were developing our girls we were also selectively choosing which males produced the best puppies and had no genetic connection with our females so that the puppies had a lack of genetic imperfections or carried genetic diseases that would cost a fortune at the vets later on.

During this time we were also culling out those animals and combinations of males and females that didn't produce optimum temperament, so that we were able to produce a very consistent line of puppies for temperament and health.

Having retired in 1990 by now caring for our animals was more than I could comfortably handle alone and my darling became very necessary to do those extra things needed whilst I did the heavier things, because she had had major spinal surgery 20 odd years back and I had a sufficiently serious heart complaint that prevented me having a hip transplant, then in 1999 arthritis was so bad I was wheelchair bound never expected to walk again but through personal research found the nutritional values that strengthened the immune and enable the body to rebuild and totally overcome all of these conditions.  It rebuilt diseased joints and totally eliminated my heart problem but some 18 months ago I put my back out and we realised that with 12 months advanced sales and waiting list for puppies to be born and substantial deposits paid we had a major weakness.

Fortunately we both recovered but in 2011 we stopped taking orders and by February 2013 we had completed our back orders and had stopped breeding and looking forward to just being normal grandparents again.

I hope you can understand the attachment I had developed to the genetics of these beautiful animals and did not want it all to be wasted and in particular so many faithful clients kept coming back for another dog for the kids as they married, mothers, fathers, friends and people who saw them with their pet and fell in love with them so we started looking for several people who could breed them the same way we did.  The fortunate thing is we found some keen people and they now have our genetics and are starting to breed and we are downloading to them.    Our clients had several questions along the lines of can we be sure they will be as good as ours, and can we trust our deposits within while we wait for our puppies.  To satisfy them we have agreed that we will do the marketing and hold their deposits in a separate trust account and if their pups don't come up to standard we can reject them and go to one of the other breeders and this facility is available to all customers for a year or two until everybody is satisfied and happy.

 Our sole objective has been to produce the very very best value for money and quality of puppy possible.

I hope we can serve you and if so promise to fulfil our above objective to the best of our ability.

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