Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cavoodle Puppy Updates For The Latest Litter

Cavoodle Puppies Latest Litter Updates for Clients In This Litter And On The Waiting List

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Well this is the email I just love to write and tell people that their puppy has been born and I have the first photos of them.

As I think I told everybody, if not I meant to that this is young Lady’s first litter so we did not expect many, ideally three.   Lady on the other hand had a different idea and she produced 4 beautiful big female puppies ranging between 220 g and 280 g and one cute little boy who only weighed in at 150 g.  I deliberately held back a few days telling you to make sure the little boy was okay and all looks good now.  Today he was weighing at 206 g and that means there is a puppy for everyone who has paid a deposit.

Pat has made a fantastic job as a midwife feeding him several drops of puppy formula many times a day and several times a night. She even slept close by them to make sure the little boy was okay and got some feeds into him during the night as well.  All you Mum’s will understand just how Mums and Grandmothers just seem to have that instinct to hear every movement their kids make.  

At first he wasn’t sucking and just kept wanting to cuddle into mum and go to sleep (this is when we can easily loose them) but Pat kept feeding him with the eyedropper to ensure his little Tummy was full all the time, his body strength built up and next morning he was sucking on mums first important fluids on his own and battling the big pups for his position.  This often happens when there are bigger pups hog the food available in the womb.  Sadly in most cases this means that the tiny puppy fails to prosper, this is the term when they die soon after birth.

I tell you this because we make it a habit of sharing the breeding experience so that you can use it to help the children understand that these little animals are not like a television set where you go to the store hand them some money bring home say a television set and when there’s a new model or it breaks down, throw the old one out.  To help them understand that these little animals were born just like they were carried by their mum and birthed just the same, have feelings and love.  A good breeder will bond the puppies to the human kind with an expectation that every encounter brings them pleasure during the first 8 weeks with their siblings.  

When they go home with their new owners there is a huge change insomuch as their attention is now focused just on their new human Mum, Dad and children also they have their sole attention without having to fight the other siblings for attention.  This then brings about a closer and tight bonding process and if you take hold of and take advantage of this process then you will be rewarded with the very best companion pup money can buy and the love your family member get back will reward and thrill you for many years to come and teach your family a respect and loving experience you couldn’t have done without such a pet.

Not that many breeders have their litters sold well in advance nor do they share the breeding process with the new owners (it isn’t pleasant when something goes wrong and it can) but we find that this prepares the families for their new arrival and makes the whole adoption a better experience and creates an instant respect by the kids and generally is rather nice. 

The last puppy born was smaller than the rest because the bigger ones had hogged the nutritional supply in the womb causing their extra growth at this little fellow’s expense.  Had Pat not given him the treatment she did with such love and attention to detail he would have either been stunted (the runt of the litter) or more likely died, but because of this he should be one with the nicest and softest personality and a perfect but lighter lap dog when inside yet be full of beans when outside, going for a walk or just letting off steam in the back yard.  On the other hand he could pick up and be similar or larger than the others.  This will depend on his conversion rate of the food he eats but my guess is he will be an ideal lap dog. 

There is a lot in common between animals and humans for example when I was born I was two months premature and tiny but with special care and nursing I grew to be 6 ft. (183 cm or 1.8m) tall and the same applies with our little boy.  Depending on the breeder’s attention to detail then the new owners treatment.  In fact Julia’s favourite was the smallest in the litter by a long way and was picked on by siblings but with Julia’s love and cuddles Alice has grown into a lighter but most adorable, soft little darling and so it is expected with this little bloke.

Well this is about it for your first report and I trust and hope you enjoy the photos.

This is the entire litter 4 girls and 1 boy

That's only 4 where is the boy? spot the little boy--
There he is cuddling into Mum's tummy and fast asleep.
This is a good sign as it shows they are all satisfied and they do a lot of growing while asleep
Just like our children

Here is little Lady– she is a real sweetie and as you can see her size is on the small  end of the style

 She might only be small but look at that milk bar she has loads of milk just the thing small  babies - One for the memory of all the Mums, if you look closely the top and lower tit is dripping milk so it has come through with a gusher and they are all gaining weight well and reasonably evenly

  And here is the dad,  Buddy is actually a light apricot colour the background colour is  overpowering his light colour -  he has a gorgeous  temperament, Buddy and Lady are best of playmates and jostle for a spot on Pat's Knee

 I trust you enjoy this update but if you  have any questions or wish to contact me please feel free to email  it is our desire to make your puppy buying experience as pleasant and fulfilling as possible.