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Choosing Your Puppy Correctly!

 This is a very important period when we make decisions that will affect us for a long time ahead and in order to do my best to get things right for you guys I spent half a day with Pat in order to download her understanding of each puppy, for Julia and I to observe them ourselves and make our recommendations as to which puppy best suits each person based on the family information you give us.

The first thing that I was impressed with was how similar the genetics in these puppies are (to what we have been breeding in the past) genetic qualities which allow only those qualities which enhance our puppies and because Pat has our genetics i.e. she bought both her cavalier and her toy poodle from our breeding stock and over the years I had gone to great pains to source and breeding dogs with the cleanest (genetically) Toy Poodle sire available we could find.  We even waited and were looking for 5 years to find the things we have been looking for in making our selection of dogs we brought in (to extend or enhance our gene pool was very simply 1) To trace back at least five generations to see there was no discernible in breeding as so often happens with show dogs.   2) Health of the parents and where possible grandparents and past generations.  It was also key to establish and prove with written evidence from the books that they only ever bred once a year because so many breeders say they do but in fact breed twice a year's and this really leeches the nutrients out of the mother, and as a result, she doesn't have them to put into her puppies.  3)  Temperament was the third important area to get right and our toy poodle sire produced that.

We were most fortunate to find a lady who had gone to extreme lengths to buy two imported animals (both male and female) whose grandparents had been imported from different countries by different breeders (worth in the order of $10,000 each) so bringing slightly different genes from different countries creating an expanded gene pool then mated with Australian champions to further expand the gene pool.  This is important because the greater the genetic diversity the greater the opportunity for a stronger immune system, also where the opposite occurs through inbreeding and reducing genetic diversity the weaker the immune and the greater chance of the puppy carrying genetic diseases and costing much more money over the dog's lifetime at the vets.

Finally when we mate a male and female from two different pure bred animals we achieve what in cattle breeding we call a genetic explosion.  The senior health officer from the RSPCA in the UK is on the record of saying that the first generation of this crossbreeding has a 20 fold less chance of carrying genetic diseases than a pure bred and as you can see from above there has been an number of smaller genetic explosions each time the pure bred animal was brought from one national gene pool and mated with the opposite sex from another national  gene pool a similar but less genetic expansion takes place.

This is a major contributing factor why our litters are so even and uniform and it is striking just how uniform  these puppies are.  One could almost shut their eyes and take a pick and have a puppy just as good at spending all day to choose one.  That said as four of the five puppies are going to people interstate who are relying on us to help them choose the optimum puppy for them I have taken Pat's observations over the past six weeks and my own knowledge in order to fine tune the selection for you.

You will notice that within the photos of each puppy there are substantial colour variations due to the available lighting and the angle Julia was standing relative to the direction of the sunlight.   I will note under the photographs which is the closest to their natural colour.  It is also interesting  to note that the camera picks up these variations where our eyes tend to adjust to the lighting.

It must also be understood that in the next two weeks these puppies will roughly  double in weight and the potential for substantial variation in colours over that period but in order to get the paperwork done and registrations etc we can't wait for the last moment particularly with all bar one having to be flown interstate or overseas.

 We developed a method creating an expectation in puppy of a good experience with every human  without bonding to us so that when the new owner first receives the puppy they should be a very strong and quick bonding process bonding to the new family.

 I will be phoning you just before delivery date and sharing some ideas which have proved successful making puppies introduction to your family even more and enjoyable for everyone particularly puppy.
   To personalise the process Pat has given each of the pups a name to identify with instead of a number and this little girl she called Sapphy, from memory one of her grandchildren's nicknames.  Sapphy is our recommendation for Kylie in Adelaide because her temperament will match Kylie's to be a company dog on Kylie's not so good day.   One other characteristic that is very prominent in these generics is a capacity to blend in with the families culture to be able to go for a run with the kids but be just as happy sitting on the couch on pop or grandmas knee

 This  is closer to Sapphy's natural colour.

 In this photo Julia has turned about 15° and if you notice the change in colour not only of Sapphy but also Julia's top that's how sensitive cameras are to light changes

 Sapphy has a little white chest that will look just elegant when she is sitting
 Above) This photo was taken so you can see the waves starting to formed in her fur and by about 10 to 13 weeks it should be lovely and wavy unlike the poodles which are usually curls.  You can choose to let the fur stay long and a lighter colour or clip it back which tends to allow the redness to come through more strongly.
 This is the last photo of Sapphy and is included because it shows facial characteristics that are typical with our breeding in particular many puppies show that framing of the eyes like an owl eyes are framed it also shows those little hairs that protrude out from the reach of the nose and interrupt their vision.  They are easily removed simply taking a small pair of scissors and cutting them off giving them much clearer vision.   Having explained the temperamental and family requirements of active young children and husband and a wife and mother's debilitation needing a special companion dog happy to lie alongside her on her bad days just caring, loving and being a companion requires a very special animal and Sapphy would appeal to us as the best choice to meet the requirements of Kylie and her family in Adelaide.

Now it is Time to Meet Jorja

In looking to advise Ron which puppy best meets his needs for companionship at his stage in life and  Ron I'm convinced that Jorja (pronounced as Georgia) is the girl for you and as you'll be calling her Ruby she also has a good chance of darkening as she  matures particularly if you decide to clip her.   From here on Pat will be calling her Ruby so she starts to get used to her name.

 Here again are two photographs where Julia has turned slightly  toward the light source and a vast change in colour has occurred. Notice Rubies colour is lighter as is Juliu's top. You can also see the framing around her eyes and in the photo below you can see she has a cute little white beard and the intensity of her focus into Julia's eyes.

 Ruby as with all the other puppies presented here will be just as happy sitting on the couch, head on her Masters lap watching television as she will be the moment he picks up the lead to go for a walk. This is common to all these animals

Now Meet Number 3 Puppy Belle
or Pat's #3 Girl
  Belle is my recommendation for Vickie in Dubai primarily because she has all the normal attributes we expect with our Cavoodles plus she was the largest and best equipped to handle the 17 hour flight to Dubai.
In addition to all the normal attributes Belle is a lighter colour and if she is kept short clipped it should be better for her to handle the heat of Dubai especially with her lighter colour.


 As you can see she has a  cute face with lovely clear eyes and when she looks into yours I'm sure you will melt.  She too has that framing around her eyes and whilst I would clip her close possibly with a half inch or 13 mm comb on Clippers over her body and legs I'd be very careful how her face is clipped so as to preserve those intriguing streaks that make her one-of-a-kind.

  In the above two photographs we can say that she does have that red tinge in certain lights but it appears to be mainly on the tips of her fur and below you can see that underneath she is a lighter colour which prompted me to suggest that she be tightly clipped to help keep her cool in Dubai's summer.

 In this photo you can see that light colour underneath but also the streaks which will be interesting to see just how she does mature as we can see the waves starting to show.

 Now Meet Brandi
 Jenny and David I am sure little Brandi as Pat has called her and if you let us know the name you will be calling her Pat can start getting her used to that name now and once again you can see that slight reddish tinge on the ends of her fur showing through in various lights and will share your home unit with both yourselves, your two adult children and older cat making her a very much inside dog that will no doubt spend some time on the beach it would be good for her to be clipped with what we call a sheep clip which basically is a half inch comb on the clippers to get a very even cut all over.  Again it would be good to be careful around the face to preserve that framing around her eyes but again important on all of these pets is that hair that protrudes in front of the eyes be taken out regularly. It usually is of no real consequence but because it's close to the eyes it could irritate them and this is even more important if she is to spend time on the beach running in and out of the water.

  Here again you can see that little bit of fur I've mentioned above that they nearly all seem to have and even between clips is good to take that out as soon as it starts to interfere with their line of vision. Again you can see the interesting colourings or streaking on her face and while I was suggesting that whoever clips her should pay particular attention to preserving those streaks and her individuality.

 Just a little tip for everybody, whilst we've never had anyone report shedding we present our dogs as a low shedding animal as we do not believe there is a no shedding dog even humans with long hair will notice strands dropping off and in the shower grate when they wash their hair, so it is only natural to expect every dog will shed some here even though it's never enough to report.   That said by having there hair cut at the end of winter and the end of summer you can virtually eliminate any shedding that might just happen.

Finally Here is Beau

 As shared above the similarities between all these pups what's left to say about beau?   It may have become obvious that they really are a very even in fact reliable breeding combination that we have finished up with that produce very even litters having weeded breeding pairs that don't have what I call that magical X factor which basically means that we can rely on them to produce consistent, reliable healthy puppies with an even temperament.  Puppies that will fit in and blend to the culture of the permanent family and puppies that most people will readily accept as a new member of the family and Beau is no different  He is still an individual with individual personality and appearance.
  I might say that before we got to Pat's place the puppies had been seriously playing with strenuous exercise and this one had gone off through the doggy door to the kennel and was sound asleep and had to be awakened for these photographs and wasn't very enthusiastic about being disturbed.

  Two things I like to point out about the two above photos and that is firstly that reddish tinge on the ends of the fur is evident but only in certain light angles the one below where the look is anything but happy wanting to be asleep that is from a totally different angle which shows up the brown instead of the red tinge.  Secondly where all the others have waves the fur on little Beau is relatively straight as can be seen in the three photos with the red tinge, but whether that remains straight or goes wavy with maturity nobody can tell.  Of special note is a very faint white spot in the middle of forehead which is what King Charles tried to breed into the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and called it his love spot, quite often they are very distinct and about the size of a $.10 coin with cleanly defined edges.

 The straight fur can be seen in this photo  Beau best meets the requirements of Michael in Queensland

For your Comparisons Here Are Photos of the Mum and Dad
 One of the most vital factors necessary to gain optimum health maximum strength of immune system is to optimise the generic the diversity available to the puppies.  This is done by having two pure bred mother  and father from different breeds, what this does is expands the generics within the puppy because then he/she gets in this case one gene from his mother (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and one gene from his father (a toy poodle) in each pair of genes giving him/her twice the genetic diversity of either a straight Pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  or Pedigree Toy Poodle as they would have each pair from the same breed.  The end result of this cross breeding programme is that the greater the  diversity of genes the stronger the immune, the healthier the dog, the less sickness and because a sick person or dog is not usually a happy person in this case the healthier the dog the greater the chance of a good temperament results.   To further enhance this way then only select the best animals to breed with.

When breeders advertise a second third or fourth generation Cavoodle what has in fact happened is that because Cavoodles as a breed are a new breed they have a very small gene pool so by necessity each generation is reducing the genetic diversity of each generation   I have heard the senior health officer for the British RSPCA "state that a first cross has 20 times  less chance of carrying forward a genetic disease (like heart eyes cancer arthritis etc) than a Purebred mating" so one could assume that geneticly transmitted diseases should become more prevalent in progressive generations.
  Meet Lady the mother a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 Now meet the father Buddy a Purebred Toy Poodle

 With this great start in life your puppy will have a better than normal chance of being a healthy, great temperament and long living pet.  You can further enhance this by feeding it a home made diet as recommended earlier in this blog.  Here is a link and whilst it mentions Arthritis it really applies to Total Wellness and soon I'm doing a similar informational blog for children and grandchildren. If you would like to receive that when it's done please drop me an email to;postID=8005842017537064248;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=39;src=postname

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