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Meet a much loved young lady Lisa with more love to give to a young family and superb health a girl who’s family, particularly her mum, dad and sisters contributed so much in building strong genetics into our breeding program and why when I recently retired I had the choice of all my dogs for my pets and Lisa is the one I chose for us as one of our personal pets.  A large part of our reasoning is that once a girl has a litter and becomes a mum herself she becomes a different and better dog as all her natural mothering, love, female, caring  instincts have been awakened in having the litter.

She is a young healthy girl with so much love, she just oozes love for human contact and companionship so she was always one of the girls I would be keeping but as we travel there are motels that are animal friendly and two are fine but 3 dogs are just too many and they aren’t as keen to have 3 in the same room so we are looking for a young family that will give Lisa a fulfilling life and plenty of love.

A happy dog with great temperament and patience for kids is usually not a sickly dog but one in great health and therefore one that costs the least at the vets over the years.

After breeding so long and putting so much into developing our genetics it has been hard to completely remove the beautiful people and friendships we have formed over the years from my future not to mention the connection with these gorgeous animals and there was just that little feeling that I may just return to breeding again so wanted to have the option to have the right genetics to return later on if I got the urge but my lovely wife reminds me that now is later on for us so it is time to face reality of age and part with the lynch pin of future breeding so I have come to that stage of accepting reality and looking for the right family or breeder to release this very special girl into.  She is ready to breed now and Lisa is a whole dog very fertile and had her first litter of 5 puppies 12 months ago and could come into season any time now.

Because she is a whole girl I kept back as the perfect girl to restart breeding with but having now really retired we have decided that at our age we will not ever be restarting breeding again and My darling wants me to only keep one breed so I can’t start breeding Cavoodles again.  This opens an opportunity for a family at the right age for the children to experience the whole process of the birds and bees and to make a profitable investment of finishing up with a very cheap puppy dog, fully toilet trained and absolutely supurb temperament. 

The chances of Lisa carrying genetic problems are so low as her father and mother’s family has a very broad genetics diversity through out theirs lineal family.  Firstly Her mum’s family was imported from Holland and was mated with an Australian Champion and in all she brought 10 champions, Grand Champions into the linage.  Her father’s Grand Father was imported from USA and he brings 7 Champions and double Champions into the genetics of this family of champions.  Bottom line is that the diversity of country of origin means that as each country has a different gene pools for the same breeds so the imported genes combination from USA Holland and Australia improves a stronger immunes systems and stability of personality and they will bring these qualities into their pups.

In addition you would be getting a best quality pet and it is most profitable.  As our last litter brought in $2,000 per pup and the expenses are roughly covered by half a pup so a litter of 5 should return about $8,000 profit yet a litter of 6 should produce closer to $9,000 profit.  Their first litter is usually small and she had 5 and we would normally count on 5 or 6 in future litters

She has only had 1 litter and she was a fantastic mother to five lovely puppies just like her mum with an enormous milk supply.  The first litter is most always one of the smallest so I wouldn't be surprised foe her next to be 5 or 6.

Anyone wanting further information please phone me on 02 4996 5646 or mobile 0428 290 993  email

Whilst she doesn't look like a Poodle it is because we have allowed her fur to grow naturally and have that natural look.

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