Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breeding Healthy Puppies

Breeding Healthy Companion Dogs
Clarence Town NSW

Breeding Strategy:
We have chosen a deliberate breeding strategy of firstly choosing healthy mums that are free of genetic defaults as we can find after checking their mothers and fathers because some genetic faults don’t show up till later in life.

Thirdly by following this on to the new Puppies it has given them the best start in life we can give them. If you choose to follow her guidelines we are confident you should enjoy minimum vet fees and maximum life and vitality from your little friend.

Fourthly we have not set out to breed the cheapest nor the dearest puppies on the market but to give the best value for money we can. Furthermore we feel a strong moral responsibility and emotional bond to the dogs that made this breed possible to never see that a healthy dog dumped and put down because of the lack of a decent home so if your circumstances or that of anyone you know with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or a first cross cavoodle we will willingly take the dog in after a vet check and find it a good home.

Fifthly we are so proud of the end product of the entire program we present the pups with a full owners manual including a Vet’s certificate for a permanent record of what you were told and what happened to the pup before you bought him/her.

Our farm is so situated that we have a virtual quarantine barrier solely because of the distance to our nearest neighbours with pets. Feeding them the foods that makes them unattractive host to blood sucking insects and as they aren’t taken into areas where other dogs are prevalent it would probably be safe to skip flea and worm treatments and do with the mums as they have shown that the nutritional treatment alone is sufficient, never the less we still inoculate them and worm and flea treat them and their puppies to ensure you don’t take home a bag of problems.

For further information please free to phone us on 02 4996 5646 (This is an Australian number and if phoning from overseas our country code is 61 then area code 2 and phone number 4996 5646)

or email us on:

Our sole motive in putting this blog together is to help people find a pet that best suits them and that will become an interictal member of their family. If the right pet is selected and brought up with the right inputs from the new owners it will reward you with years of joy, love and devotion to you.

It is our desire to add value to all pet owners and particularly dogs as much of what is written isn’t just applicable to one breed but most breeds that are to be companion dogs and not special purpose animals example, working dogs or guard dogs.

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