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Puppy Report 2 11th April 2010

Puppy Report 2 11th April 2010

The last week 10 days has seen enormous gains as they head to almost 4 times their birth weight. They still haven’t yet worked out what their back legs are for and have worked out how to stand up on just their front legs which have become quite strong as they fight and jostle for beneficial teat position so it is understandable why the front legs always become the first to develop.

Their little eyes and ear canals have opened and they are starting to develop personalities or characteristics one is a more noisy one when she doesn’t get her way (full belly) the boy is a greedy guts that’s why today he will pass the 1 Kg mark where the others range between 779 to 835 Grams. Other two are placid and take whatever comes, but as soon as mum steps into the box it is every man or puppy for themselves.

Honey has been a great little Mum with a great milk supply that just grows with demand. She has worked out that instead of going in at every squeal she feeds them and cleans them up and as she licks their private parts front and back it triggers off a remote control in the puppy that creates a release mechanism to let it fly and if we pick them up to weigh them she always comes over to make sure that the pups are clean but the girls just let it rip faster than she can catch it so she has to clean up the floor the boys on the other hand also just let it rip but it spurts up in the air like one of our baby boys and if she isn’t quick enough it hits her in the face. When she does it in the whelping box she has better control as she has them on their backs but when we are weighing them they are held in mid air and hanging down to give her full access but centrifugal force seems to assist the dump flow.

Back to Honeys system, she jumps in gives them a good feed which seems to satisfy them and they usually fall asleep and usually she falls asleep although instead of lying down with them she has started sort of squatting on her behind propped up by the front legs to expose her whole front giving them a free go at the milk bar and it’s off and racing.

Even as she is checking them out they are now just big enough to reach up on their front legs and latch on to a teat and know they have to hold on for grim death or get dragged off and hold on they do pulling her tits and udder into elongated shapes.

At this stage she trusts us explicitly but we haven’t had any visitors as that antagonise Honey and we don’t want to stress her as it would likely affect the milk supply.
We are of the philosophy that it is better to really look after the mum so she does the best possible job than to supplement bubs and it also has the effect of calming the bubs creating a better disposition and is the most beneficial outcome for bubs.

As I said earlier we are just starting to see little personalities start to emerge although as Honey has their feeding so regulated and fills them up so well they have been sleeping so well and they do a lot of growing when they sleep and less awake moving about.

We are seeing their colour lighten and it will change from now till they mature but some features are starting to emerge like little white beards on a couple, others with darker patches around their mush, this is likely to develop into a real feature as they grow.

I’m about to call it quits for the day hope you have all had a great weekend and if there is any question about the preparations you should be making at home for puppy please feel free to contact us and by the way I strongly recommend just one book that is a book written by Pat Coleby an old time vet Called “Natural Pet Care” It is our pet care Bible. Will write more about this later.

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