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Dogs Arthritis

 This is a general information note and not related to these puppies.  It is relative to a book I have written relating to how I cured my own Arthritis and I added it to the e-book so as to assist pet owners successfully treat their little mates and relieve their pain and suffering so thought it may be helpful to someone. 
Dog Arthritis
Dog Arthritis in my best old mate helped me find the cure for Man’s Arthritis and mine in particular.

Specialists all told me that Medical science does not know what causes Arthritis and it was the inventor inside me that stuck to failure after failure to find the cause and remove it and it was all found in public domain information and an old Veterinarian’s book on Natural Pet Care that gave me the cause when she started off by saying
Arthritis: Arthritis is caused by an imbalance in the correct bone
building minerals –calcium, magnesium, copper, and boron (particularly the last of these) – as well as an unbalanced diet. This may not necessarily mean that the animal has not received the minerals but, that they cannot be properly absorbed if boron, copper and vitamins A & D are not present.

It was this breakthrough and the understanding that animal testing is often done before human testing so it was relevant to us and it was this information that changed the direction of where I was looking. I had been looking for a magic bullet that would cure the disease but that it was a dietary problem and by correcting this it gave me the answers of where to go from here and it brought an immediate success path. I first tested my ideas on my dear Ben a German Shepherd dog that was wracked by Arthritis and cried when he had to be moved.

Within a month Ben was running and chasing rabbits again and he chased, caught and ate a rabbit the night before he died after calling us to say goodbye. He was 14 years of age and had a quality life from 10 when he was healed to 14. The experiment with Ben was helpful as dogs have no placebo effect and they get the reactions quicker than we do.

After witnessing Ben’s miracle I was keen to get stuck into it myself and again saw the pain go quickly before the joints were being rebuilt with strong new cells totally naturally.

“Today I am filled with compassion when I see a faithful old mate for someone wracked with pain or having to be put down because of a bad heart, liver or pain. It is even more upsetting to see so many people limping with Arthritic Pain, having to sit down to get their breath and people in obvious trouble because I WAS THERE AND DO UNDERSTAND WHAT IT’S LIKE”.

When I was in trouble I learnt so much by reading the books of others who had found the cause of Arthritis, Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, MS, Diabetes and other degenerative diseases 2,500 years ago (Hippocrates) and seems to be lost to today’s sickness industry but known to the old natural healers and some scientific researchers who have difficulty being heard because it isn’t patentable nor are there any drugs just the foods that go on the end of our forks.

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As part of a hobby we breed the most beautiful companion dogs called Cavoodles. They are a first Cross between two very carefully selected dogs with no line breeding in their genetics (Line breeding is the pedigree terminology of inbreeding where they put a say a father back across his daughter to emphasise certain show traits). The Sire and Dam are specially selected for temperament and health. These pups are especially bred, trained and fed to have the best healthy start in life a puppy can get and the feeding program all started from my research to get better myself and old Ben who is in Doggy Heaven right now. What we learnt in our experiments with Ben to cure his arthritis and bring him back to good health proved the basis for both him and me and the following is part of the instructions we give our folk who buy our pups. The feedback has been that this plan not only keeps them ion perfect health but when given to their other older dogs who have all manner of diseases they invariably (after getting them used to it) get better or have significant improvements.

Our feeding requirements are as follows
1 I do mix up a mineral supplement in direct accordance with the above Natural Pet Care advice and usually do it in decent size batches as it is easier to get the quantities of each ingredient constantly correct and it gives better quality control

2 It is essential that dogs get a decent amount of roughage so as to give their digestive tract a clean out and push the slow fibre free food like meats through.

3 As it is the animal protein that causes Arthritis and Cancer when fed in too great an amount however they naturally do eat animal protein but their wild instincts are to first eat the stomach (in grazing animals this gives them plant foods from the contents and that provides the roughage) and other offal organs. Their last choice is mussel meats and what do we feed them? All mussel meats.

4 The meats we choose is strong offal and it is put through the Kitchen wiz to make a strong gravy

5 Next we cook up a mix of various vegies that are available at the time and mix enough of the gravy to flavour the vegies and not exceed 5% and into this brew I add the mineral supplement and garlic powder as it also repels parasites.

6 To ensure they get sufficient roughage we allow our dogs direct access all day to Farrels 4X2 biscuits because they are made of 100% natural products, are high in roughage, are not fortified in any way, have no growth hormones or the likes and have been used by the greyhound racing kennels for a very long time because they give them good performance, also our dogs just love them. (4X2 is indicative of the old imperial measurements of 4 inches by 2 inches as the size of the biscuits) We find it easier for our little dogs to break them up with a hammer but larger dogs seem to handle them whole without problems. (Caution they are not a complete dog food)

The old Vets knew that 5% was the magic number for pets and 10% working dogs. Dogs in the wild would eat more than that but not much as they also ate a lot of acid berries and grasses for roughage. Recent scientific research has confirmed that 5% is the maximum safe limit for humans but what I found was that

A much more detailed recipe is included in the recipe book as this report has to be kept brief.

I have been asked why would I want to give away all this Valuable Information ABSOLUTELY FREE? It is a deliberate desire to add value to the Books on Healed Without Drugs, go into more details of certain important aspects than I could in the book because of room, giving readers a place to discuss questions Why and How we do things, so giving them a reason to keep on doing them to make sure they reach their goal of Total Wellness and beat their disease. It also gives us all the opportunity to be part of a small community of people who master their disease and to reach back to help others coming through and encourage them step by step and have the resource of being able to chat to others who have been there and know exactly where you are at. Unless you’ve actually been there you really don’t know where someone is at and what they are feeling, fears grief and emotions.

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