Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cavoodle Grown Photos From Past Litters

The following photos are from past liters to show what puppies look like as they grow and the variation of colours
Meet our little Nellie, she just loves Ari's company and to help him in the garden
And when Dad's digging what a chance to help him AH?
And what little helper wouldn't like a ride in the wheelbarrow.
Then when works all done and s girls about pooped to cuddle up in a warm rug and have a snooz.
Oh playing is so tiring and the whelping box is so good to come back to
The reason we concentrate on how the puppies go to their new homes is because they really do bond with their siblings and sleep so close to each other it is their security.  Our Girls even sleep touching each other today and once they leave they can fret if no preparation is made.
Even when the last one is left they still sleep on the pile just as before, here is little Alice asleep on top of her Mum and Aunty.  I don't know if it is the warmpth or the physical connection to one another.
Here is a litter I am teaching to lap solids.  This group have a sloppy mix of Farax, the exact same stuff we give our kids, mixed with a special lactose free puppy formula to help make the transition from mum to the big world.  Once puppies are weaned they should never be fed cows milk if any fresh un-pasteurised goats milk but really they shouldn't be fed milk at all.  So they don't climb into the bowl and wade through it and make a real mess they eat it out of the anti ant moat around the outside and I just keep topping it up till their little tummies are full.  You can see by the spillage on the paper around the bowl that they make a mess anyhow.
A few days later they have taken to Farax like ducks to water and they know what it is so they don't jump into it.
Meet Koopa.  I am waiting for photos of her coming as she was recently her owners Flower Girl and I am led to believe that she was stunning.
I have deliberately included the set of photos as they show how background colours can wash off giving the animal totally different looks purely because of the lighting.  They were all taken on the same day when one couple wanted to show us how she was growing and we wanted to see her and them.  Firstly Koopa has been clipped and the above shot is closest to natural as it was taken in dappled shade.
In this shot Koopa is in a slightly overcast direct light and is also close to natural but there has been some areas burnt out.
This shot has the most effect of the wall colour washing onto the coat making it look a lot more ruby than it is.
Here She is standing by the extra light coming in the door and less influence of the wall than  the side that is in the shade and the neck that can be compared to the first shot.  What is this saying?
Firstly that it is trying to save disappointment of a pup looking a different colour to what you thought you were buying it is really good for the breeder to show a number of shots on different days and there is a need for you to check which are the natural looking colours as they will all have some that don't look quite like  they really are and that's why we used to send out weekly report emails and now have started this blog so like before each week we will be posting new blogs with photos so you can see your puppy in different lights and on different days with changing light intensities.  Up til now they all looked so much the same and from here on they will start developing their own distinct personalities and become much more individual and this more or less is the same for most breeds, a very good reason to fall in love with their personality instead of looks, that way you will never be disappointed and if their looks remain the same that's a bonus.
Meet Rusty another puppy that came back for a visit and whilst this was taken with a phone camera so it isn't as sharp but this shot was inside whilst the next was outside which is probably closer to the natural colour
He's trying to be difficult when his mum is trying to introduce him to Farrells 4X2 biscuits (see Pat Coleby's comments of these as they are a terrific dog food if used as she instructs, helping to balance their diet

I sincerely hope these photos and notes help you make better choices particularly when based on photos it can take much of the guesswork out of the decision particularly if you get a string of photos week by week so you can track their progress as they grow and change ultimately so what you see is what you get and there are no surprises.

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It is our desire to add value to all pet owners and particularly dogs as much of what is written isn’t just applicable to one breed but most breeds that are to be companion dogs and not special purpose animals example, working dogs or guard dogs.

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