Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puppies Born


Hi folk,

Just a quick note to fill in a few boxes for you and keep you in the loop.

The birthing process seemed to be without problems Honey had 4 beautifully perfect pups, the last even caught me by surprise as I was sitting with my back to them writing up a log to keep Julia informed every half hour or so and I looked around and she had given birth to #4 and had almost finished cleaning it up and all I had to do was wait for her to finish when she would be quite happy for me to pick the baby up and dry it thoroughly with a towel, weigh it and take notes of markings etc so we can recognise it for weight and other records.  Last litter of Gabbys one missed out by the stronger pups out competing for the best milk and she went backwards or more correctly failed to thrive and get that early milk supply so we have been watching their weights like a hawk.

Honey is being a great little mum and her puppies are coming along in leaps and bounds.  Each time we look at them they seem to have grown.

Their combined weight at birth was 864 grams and have put on 1010 grams in the week to be now 1874 grams.  Honey has literally been a 24/7 milk bar always open for business, then gets up and tells me she wants out and straight back on the job.

After no 4 was born she just stopped contractions and I thought it was all over, felt her tummy and it felt empty even though I had been saying that she was big enough for 6 or 7.  Any way there was another one there but I didn’t feel it because it was engaged and blocked with one leg forward and one back making it difficult for her and she must have become so tired she gave up and went to sleep.  Almost 24 hours later she started contractions again about 8 o’clock at night and we rang the vet, got her in and had an urgent Caesar to remove the fifth and save Honey.  She has come through with flying colours as you can see by what a great job she’s doing and she gets her stitches out next Tuesday.

Honey just has such a milk supply it is wonderful and the little ones are starting to push up on their feet probably be standing up and sort of walking next week or so.

Their eyes and ears are still shut although we think one is close to opening his eyes but that doesn’t stop them finding the tit and latching on.  It is great for them to have 8 tits between the 4 and they empty one and go on to the next

Well that’s about all I have to report just now hope you are enjoying this rain we had 42 mm yesterday, very nice but we could handle the same amount for about 3-4 days straight to get run off and fill the dams etc.  We have plenty of feed (loose sight of the 6 months old calves in the grass) but it was getting dry and this will freshen it up nicely thank you very much.

Well I’ll sign off and wish you all a very happy Easter and we will catch up next week some time.


Brian & Julia

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