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Just A Few Testimonials

Puppy Testimonials from New Owners

Firstly please let me say that every message copied here I have the permission of the senders to use it for this purpose.

From Colleen Wed, Jul 23, 2008

Dear Brian and Julia,

Thought I should give you a brief update. Ella went for her first visit to the vet yesterday for her booster and worming. She is now 2.7kgs which is a whole kilo heavier then when we brought her home. It is unbelievable how much she has grown and how confident and playful she is now. Attached are a couple of photos.

Everywhere I take her she gets abducted with people just wanting to cuddle her and let me tell you she really laps it up. The vet and the vet nurses wanted me to leave her with them permanently. The same thing happened when I popped into the local chemist with her last week. She is a real charmer.

During the school holidays we had 3 girls sleep over and I think for the 2 days and one night Ella didn’t put her little feet to the floor – she was carried everywhere as each waited for their next turn.

She has already figured how to escape from the pen that I made her and last night arrived in my bedroom (and then my bed) at 2.15pm. Every night she hops into bed with Olivia for story time which she loves.

We went for our first walk today and she seemed to manage in the harness and lead but she has crashed tonight as a result. She has started nipping and doing other puppy things so we are off the puppy pre-school for 5 weeks starting Sunday. Overall we are overjoyed. Hope all is well with you and Honey and Gabby.

I’ll send some photos separately. Bye for now.

Colleen, Olivia and Ella

Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 1:31 PM
subject Lui and Lola

Dear Julia and Brian,
I would like to thank you guys again for our beautiful puppies. We are just delighted with them and I have to say it was an excellent decision to buy two of them. it was a wonderful and exciting time going through the process of birth and growth till we could take possession of little Lui and Lola and we thank you for all the progress updated and pictures along the way. They love each others company, want to sleep on top of each other, wrestling and playing together all day. They don't actually like to lose sight of each other. I think Lola is going to be the boss and Louie the brawn. I actually think our cavoodles are the cutest I have seen. We nickname them our little Ewokes.
Dominic and Marion

Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 2:47 PM
Subject: Buster !
We have named our little guy Buster, which finally we all agreed on at the end of our long day picking him up from Clarence town.
He was the perfect puppy on the way home, actually the kids were too, and after a short break at your local markets, where I managed to find a wheat pack, everyone fell fast asleep until we got home. Phew!

Buster has settled in perfectly, although we are spoiling him rotten. He cries a bit when we get carried away doing our own thing, and he just loves being held and cuddled. We give him as much attention as we possibly can, but in the interest of getting things done, he is learning to play on his own a little. He’s come out of his shell today and really been playing/chewing and rolling around the place. The kids are just loving him and Madi has already taken the role of his mum, and runs to his aide whenever he whines, and lets him sit in her lap. She’s been brushing his hair and talking to him most of the day, so he is not without company.

At night we’ve been too soft, but know he’s got a lot to adjust to. For now he’s sleeping in bed with us !!!! Which is just divine, cos he’s such a cuddly little monkey. But in the next few days, we’ll put him back into his bed and show him the way forward. He’s not scared of anything or anyone, and even tried to ride on the vacuum cleaner today – he’s tail wagging like crazy.

He’s not eating very much which is a little concerning, but when I sit down and hand feed him he takes a little. I think he’s still adjusting. We’ve got our vet visit this afternoon so I’m sure she will tell us if he needs anything to get his appetite up, or if its just a big changes and he’ll settle down. We’ve been making up his food as per your recipe using the 4 x 2 biccies Julia gave me, but still no huge portions being scoffed – maybe 1/4 cup of food a day.

Hope all the owners were very happy with their newest additions that were picked up on Saturday. Did you find a home for the little girl?

And another thanks for taking the time with us to show us how to shampoo etc – I’ve bought eucalyptus & tea tree, and have marked in the calendar another wash date in a month.

But biggest of thank yous to you both for our beautiful little fella. Buster is just so perfect in every way, we are so so so happy.
I’ll keep you posted and send you pics as I download them off the camera.

Much love and best wishes
em, al, madi, jasper & buster

Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 1:04 PM
subject Charlie

Hi Brian & Julia have managed to escape from my new little one to let you know we got home ok yesterday. Charlie was an angel and slept pretty much all the way!!! He is so beautiful and has just fitted in so well ..........the kids really didn’t want to go off to school this morning but with holidays coming up they will only have one week more and then can spend a couple of weeks with him which is great timing. He has spent the morning in the sun which he just loved. Even getting a ride in the back of Grace’s bike he is really very playful and we have had many laughs at his little gallops and confidence that he has displayed after a while. He is currently asleep in the study with my husband laid across his feet as he works. Will try to send some photos on the weekend hopefully the weather will stay nice.

Thankyou again for making all this possible!

Kind Regards


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