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Feeding Instructions for Your New Puppy

Feeding Instructions For Your New Puppy

The first piece of information was provided by Don Burke of Burkes Back Yard program when his Vet Rob Zammit gave us a formula for feeding all pet dogs other than hard working dogs who need more protein. This was his formula.
Cooked or raw vegetables (even mix variety don’t load up on any one especially potatoes), 1/3 Cooked Brown Rice (young pups put through the vitamiser or mulie) and 1/3 dry biscuits soaked and mixed up with a gravy made from a strong tasting offal like liver etc. just to give it a meaty flavour. Most of their health problems is too much 1st class protein. Unless they are working dogs they simply don’t need it, 5% is the maximum safe amount to avoid health problems like heart, arthritis and cancer. This has been known and confirmed by world leading scientists as effective for humans also and following this I have avoided a 6 month death sentence and a wheelchair from advanced arthritis as above.

I find it best to prepare the Vegies (raw) but very little onion cabbage or cauliflower and strong tasting vegies like swede etc.
This I mix and blend together with the gravy in a blender with some apple cider vinegar and a small ¼ to ½ teaspoon of honey added when serving. (This raises their calcium levels for 24 hrs. according to Dr. D.C.Jarvis (Folk Medicine Great Pan Book) and increases their potassium helping them absorb many necessary minerals including calcium, boron, copper and magnesium [that are also added] according to Pat Coleby an old time Vet claims this together with some essential mineral supplements and exercise will keep our pets free of cancer and arthritis helping them to live a long and healthy life and it certainly did with Ben, even helping him beat arthritis and has done similarly with me.

Instead of buying high priced dog biscuits we use Coleby recommended “Box 1” 4x2 dog biscuits (also the choice of greyhound owners) as they are the made of the most natural ingredients of all manufactured biscuits and the dogs love them. We usually leave some out for them to come back to later also I break them up and mix with the other mixture when serving to add texture to the mix.

A house dog will think it great to get their vegies straight from your plate but this is a bad habit and can lead to difficult eaters but a special treat now and then is fine. Remember the pecking order the dog is lowest in the household and when they think it otherwise there can be problems.

The only other thing we give them other than the supplement minerals I will talk about later is a good raw bone probably 3-4 times a week (one they can crunch their teeth into and with plenty of gristle fibres to clean their teeth. Turkey or chicken necks and carcases are great as particularly the Turkey necks have all those angles on the bones but all bones must be raw (Never Cooked as they splinter and never frozen [except necks] as that also causes bones to splinter causing awful problems for the animal. The carcases also have a great deal of gristle that is great for teeth cleaning and joint protection and the raw bones are a great source of calcium particularly when Apple Cider Vinegar is present. We also give them a scrambled egg about twice a week for their coat and put a small ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in it and mix before serving adding a ½ teaspoon of raw honey (not supermarket honey that’s been heat treated).

You will find that they usually love a Sardine or two and this is good for a variety.

In the wild when a wild dog kills a grazing animal it firstly chews through the skin and fur (fibre and roughage) good for the bowel and eats the contents of the stomach (vegetation matter). The first meats they eat are the offal organs and muscle meats are the last choice and lowest value to them.

To feed them too much meat provides the average pet too much protein but hard working dogs need more protein as well as the above because of their exercise requirements.

Mineral supplements can be bought from the health food store and are expensive or bought in bulk from your local farmers produce store for a small fraction of the cost and whilst they are more economical buying that way you have to buy larger quantities so waste a lot on just one or two dogs so to help we will supply several months supply for $20 plus postage. here is my recipe if you want to make up your own.

Essential Minerals For your Dog:
I make up a bottle full of 1 part dolomite, 1 part garlic powder, 2 parts seaweed and ¼ part sulphur, ¼ part garlic powder shake well every time I use it to keep it from settling and going hard. If we can get about a level teaspoon full into our pet over a week in small regular doses that’s about fine for a small pup increasing to about a teaspoon full a day for full grown Cavys, but something like a German Shepherd could easily do 1.5 teaspoons full a day. Then when mixing up the feed once a day add a few drops of Cod Liver Oil good quality in light proof glass (I wrap it in alfoil to keep the light out) to add vitamins A & D, ½ teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar ( make sure it still has mother in it otherwise if it has been pasteurised it is not as good) this increases the acidity of the food replicating how most dogs get their vegetables in the wild as when they kill a grazing animal they first eat the stomach which has grasses and vegetable mater together with the digestive juices (high acid) to help them digest the vegetable matter. In fact I read that the mussel meat is the last they eat and the least value to them. Their first natural preference is the organ meat like livers, kidneys etc. as it is highest in vital minerals and iron. Another aspect we overlook and why pets don’t need as much meat is because they don’t have to work at it as much as their wild counterparts who have to catch the meal first then eat through the fur giving them all the fibre needed to keep their bowls working. In the wild they also eat a lot of berries and acid plant stuff that helps their health and avoid diseases. In addition to Cider vinegar I like to add a small dose of raw non heat treated honey as that in combination with cider vinegar increases the calcium levels in the blood which is good for the immune and bones. It was also one of the things that helped me overcome arthritis and Ostio porosis by increasing the potassium levels.

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Our sole motive in putting this blog together is to help people find a pet that best suits them and that will become an interictal member of their family. If the right pet is selected and brought up with the right inputs from the new owners it will reward you with years of joy, love and devotion to you.

It is our desire to add value to all pet owners and particularly dogs as much of what is written isn’t just applicable to one breed but most breeds that are to be companion dogs and not special purpose animals example, working dogs or guard dogs.

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