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Puppy Report 3 - 17 th april 2010

Well the little ones are coming along in leaps and bounds now 3 are weighing over 1Kg and I suspect that when we weigh them tonight there will be 4 .It certainly has again paid dividends to look after our little mum even down to mental breaks with rides off the farm to do small errands, they just love that along with special treats like cuddles on the bed, little tit bits that we eat, walks to the gate  (that's a Kilometre long each way) and they just love these walks and it isn’t bad for us either keeps us in trim and they love accompanying me doing farm work.

This week has also seen these girls and boy putting on quite a bit of weight, our boy who was 241 grams born 23/3/10 is now 1.28 Kgs whilst the smallest is only 21 grams under the 1 Kg weight. A couple of them are now starting to try and stand on all 4 and walk but not quite making it as the paper is a bit slippery and there are some photo's to help you visualise what's happening.

As I am writing this note I am watching 4 little bundles of joy that are growing at such a rate that it seems they grow as one watches them. Incredible I never fail to marvel at the wonderful process of birth and reproduction then marvel at the perfect little creature born with tiny little pads on their feet and everything complete but in miniature then they go through the metamorphic process of growing up and the little mother who develops this incredible milking machine, when fed right and looking after the producer of the high quality milk that alone satisfies the bubs so well with everything they need that they roll over and go to sleep waking up heavier than before.

We have about an inch (25mm) of newspapers under them so when they pee they wet the paper we just have to keep taking layers off to reveal fresh clean paper. Another amazing facility the mums develop is that they clean up the babies keeping them spotless.  All the maternal instincts and protection instincts come out unreally. Honey and Gabby are so close normally but when there are babies involved particularly this time when Honey has a litter and Gabby doesn’t Honey won’t even let Gabby too close.

They love to huddle together for warmth and company and why they become so close 

Eventually they all want to explore and start walking so here is a little girls first attempt

Even at this age you can start to see this little fellow will have the trade mark eye framing as the light owl like framing around the eyes and it will likely also have dark dark whiskers something like that of Buz in the introduction Blog.
Whilst she is a bit lighter and the photo is washed out by the flash too being close
you can see the eye framing, the little white beard and the white under under her chest 
and silky long ears
She doesn't have as much white under her chest but has that little white beard, 
beaut eye framing already showing and little white socks on her rear feet and 
little dark whiskers

 Our little plain Jane mightn't have as much colouring but she has thrived a little
better than the others and a totally different personality.  Taking the photo a little further away may not have washed the colour out quite as much but the colour  of her face is a little closer to natural.

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