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Puppy Report 4 - 22/4/10

This week has seen interesting changes indeed and tomorrow morning marks the 1 month of age and thriving. Our boy now weighs 1.482 Kg and the girls 1.27, 1.2 and 1.108 kgs.

There is a correction to make from last weeks report I said that the boy was 2.28 Kgs there was a typo there it should have been 1.28 Kgs sorry about that.

They started showing the tips of their little needle teeth that are getting bigger and sharper so I don’t expect Honey will be feeding them for much longer as she usually weans them in about 5 weeks. This means that the real work increases somewhat. One of us has to be on tap at all times because when they start squealing it is tucka they want and the mums get distressed if they aren’t satisfied but as soon as Honey steps into the whelping box with them they latch onto her like you wouldn’t want to know and her little teats get red raw so she stops cleaning up after them also and it is all left to us so now you can see the other side of why we look after the mum and enable her to do all the work feeding and in addition it is better quality.

Our next job is to start getting their digestive system able to take solid foods by starting mixing a special lactose free puppy feeding milk with baby Farax and rehydrated special puppy mix and our special brew of minerals and vegies just to get them used to the texture and taste for later. In one of the earlier bulletins I mentioned about getting Pat Coleby’s book “Natural Pet Care” as it is the best pet care book I have seen. She was an old Country Vet back in the days when drovers were an indispensable part of outback life and she had worked out then that it was too much animal protein that causes all the heart, Cancer Arthritis, Diabetes and so forth in our pets along with the manufactured and processed pet food that is the cause. Back in the 30’s these old vets knew what our top nutritional scientists have recently re-discovered that we aren’t safe from any of these diseases once our consumption of animal protein goes over 5% animal protein you can go to and see the information how I used the information from this book to cure arthritis that was sufficiently bad to put me into a wheelchair for life and never expected to walk again. All the Specialists I asked (and it was a few) all told me Medical Science does not know what causes Arthritis but Pat in her book starts the part on Arthritis off with these words. Arthritis is caused by____. Since totally reversing Arthritis, Diabetes, heart situation so concerning none of the local Surgeons were happy to operate on me warning that I had a 50% chance of a heart attack on the table under the anaesthetics.

By this stage I had a book full of diseases none of which were good and as I studied their cause was able to remove the cause, feed the immune the foods to boost its effectiveness and beet the lot. Today I am their "Walking Miracle". There is one book out now “Arthritis Healed Without Drugs” another on total wellness covering Arthritis, Heart, Cancer, Diabetes, that I have actually rid the body of and others the same process is supposed to keep out by tests and research done on 880,000 people by world leading nutritional scientists and it's still ongoing, this book will be out soon. Everything is dependent on our food choices, there is no multi-level marketing or magic pills just the food we choose to put on our forks.

Back to the puppies enough to say that researching their food needs has opened a whole new life for me to have beaten every disease and regained 20 years of enthusiasm for life whilst teaching me loads for their benefits. If any of you would like a weight chart of all the puppies daily weight growth please email me and I will email you an excel spreadsheet with all their weight details on it.

We are just seeing them start to walk and as I type this I have the boy on my lap because he’s awake and about to wake up the others. He’s looking everywhere for a tit to latch on to before snuggling into my lap. Earlier they had some small toys to test their ability to generate play and excite their curiosity and they started playing or should I say chewing.

We went out and took some photos earlier and whilst they are still a bit young and we had to wake them up so you can get some idea what they are looking like, but before that let me remind everyone that that the final selection will be made in strict order of deposits being received and people getting in line for a pup.

The first group is of Rusty our boy Yesterday Rusty weighed 1482 Grams and was born at 241 gms.

Rusty as we have called him just for our own identification (note the blue collar for your benefits to identify the same pups each week and follow their progress. Rusty was the first born and is the biggest having prospered well on Honey's milk brilliantly. Today 23/4/10 I just weighed him and he had just broken 1500 gms from a birth weight of 241 gms on 23/3/10 so they are just 1 month old now.
I am just starting to see their little personalities showing out and they are all inquisitive and explore new things.  Yesterday Julia put some small toys into their whelping box and it was good to see them go over to investigate and chew, shake and try and demolish the toy.  We find that toys are in important aspect of bringing out their curiosity and playfulness.  In the next week or so we will start putting them outside in their pens to get them used to fresh air and outside sunlight etc as part of their preparation for wherever they go to.  We will also start putting in some bigger soft toys that will get thoroughly dirty and that's ok because we send them home with the toy we notice they play with the most as it has all the smells of the litter and mum on it and makes for an easier transition and settling in.  As a side Buz's mum (Buz is one of the dogs in the introduction page) told me that Buz still has his toy from here back in 2008 and whilst it has been repaired numerous times he just loves it to death.  This makes it easier for them to settle into their new surroundings with some smells from here with them.  Here is all they have known and even at this tender age it is interesting to watch them when they encounter something new they smell it thoroughly so their smells are working and when we put something in front of them they won't like they soon get out of the way so it shows that their smell recognition is really turned on.

Rusty as with most of our pups has the starting of the eye framing that could become more pronounced as he grows and whilst he has the hint of a white beard I suspect he will develop darker whiskers and ears from his mum's but a lighter influence from Biggy on other parts.

Here you can see the two colour influences also note the intensity of his attention on something new that's caught his eyes and he is sniffing the air furiously.  This is an obvious trait seen in his grandfather and father both of which are extremely special little dogs we are most fortunate to be able to get their services

Meet Jane, she is girl 1 and as you can see she loves to cuddle and hang on to Julia's fingers and she hangs on so cutely and tight. As she matures I suspect that her eye highlights will become more and more pronounced and owl like with darker whiskers around the mouth and nose.  Here again you can see the influence of both parents colouring.  Unfortunately just after I got started the phone rang and during the call they all finished playing and started drifting off to sleep so their photos are more subdued than I'd hoped for.  With Jane she has a soft nature starting to come through and loves cuddling up to us, something I will be spending time on over the next weeks to cultivate and try and start increasing as we are breeding for companion dogs.  To-date they all seem to be active puppies usually there is one couch potato and whilst there are some more active than others and all just love to curl up on the couch or bed and in my case the mums just love curling up in the credenza of my desk return right in front of my feet and if I sit in my favorite massage chair and don't invite them up on my lap I'm in trouble and they both just roll over for me to stroke their chest and that's the breeding between these mums and Biggy they just adapt to our way of life so well and to go out in the 4 wheel drive where they can sit up higher and see out the windows is just the best thing they can do.  Even though I have full leather upholstery and always use a doggy blanket on their seats they have never once marked the leather or scratched the woodwork such is their gentleness.
Or come on Dad do I have to pose I was asleep she seems to say but I've included this shot to show the variations of colour  Their mum has straight fur and here you can see the Poodle influence as the fur starts to curl as it gets longer.  It usually finishes up wavy and some people get their pups shaved like a poodle but I like the natural look unless you are in a bad tick area then I'd have no second thoughts as the shorter the better.  I usually clip our girls at the beginning of Spring and Autumn and take them to the vets each year for boosters and a check over.

G2 (Girl 2) Pauline has more white on her than the others along with that little beard and a sort of white mo Hitler style.  She is the lightest colour of all and looks like she'll have darker ears with a lighter head.  Below you can see that she has little white socks and the cutest, finest white tail tip just like her Mum and Aunt.  She also has similar disposition and loves cuddles

Next and last little girl we called Sox because she has little white socks on her rear feet and again tail tip just like Pauline.  Sox is just a bit bigger than Pauline but it is neither here nor there as they really are all within a similar range except Rusty who has shot ahead much of that could be that he's a boy and a guts, pushing in for his share and then a bit more.  It has been interesting to observe the smaller girls starting to stand up to the larger ones and show that they possess a bit of ginger and are sick of the bigger ones having it over them.
As they get more active and are growing teeth they are chewing everything they can particularly the next one's ear and every now and then you hear a squeal as one has sunk teeth into an ear or mouth.
Notice Sox's little rear socks and tiny white tail
Here we can observe that Sox is a lighter colour than Jane and there is more variation although her head is probably the most even of all even colour wise and her eye highlight is quite obvious.
Julia is holding her head up so as to see that there is subtle colour diferences around her face and neck and feet also note her lovely little beard that is a regular trade mark of our litters.  This colour differences within a more solid colour is a product of the Ruby Cavaliers that have much softer fur than Blenhimes or Tri colours and somehow whilst all puppies are cute and adorable the more solid colours seem to attract more interest particularly as a mature animal.  As I write this they have not long had a big play and a feed two were squealing and trying to waken the others to play as soon as I pick one up it stops and loves to cuddle into my lap and go to sleep.  Whilst this is no big deal it is important as it is starting to imprint on their little minds that human contact relates to a good experience, confidence and no fear of humans, just a small part of our process to do everything we can to produce the prefect companion dog and give our new owners the best possible value for money with a really great little new mate hoping the new family put in the time and effort to take it on from there and teach it the essentials to be an intgral part of the new family and a basis for a really solid bonding.  This is also why I like to keep new owners in the loop as to what their puppy is up to each week as they can also start bonding before they take delivery and when they collect the pup or meet the plane it is like picking up a child and hopefully create the most pleasent experience I possibly can as this creates the best possible home for the puppy to come into.

Over the next weeks I will be putting out a lot of information regarding the best feeding and wellbeing stuff to make that relationship last as long as possible and grow old together.

Whilst the feet are out of focus it once again shows the little socks and white tail tip that doesn't show up against Julia's white shorts.

For further information please free to phone us on 02 4996 5646 (This is an Australian number and if phoning from overseas our country code is 61 then area code 2 and phone number 4996 5646)

or email us on:

Our sole motive in putting this blog together is to help people find a pet that best suits them and that will become an interictal member of their family. If the right pet is selected and brought up with the right inputs from the new owners it will reward you with years of joy, love and devotion to you.

It is our desire to add value to all pet owners and particularly dogs as much of what is written isn’t just applicable to one breed but most breeds that are to be companion dogs and not special purpose animals example, working dogs or guard dogs. 

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